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hand cramps

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AbByG25 Mon 26-Jan-15 08:16:52

I'm 14 weeks pregnant with my first and I have had constant hand and arm cramps. I get pins and needles and it's so painful it's making me feelike sick. My knees are also painful. Has anyone else had this?

flippityflip Mon 26-Jan-15 08:33:34

I had this,and still have the knee pain, had it in my last pregnancy too.The arm one might be carpal tunnel and the only explanation I got for the knee pain was that as all the joints are loosening because of some of the hormones this can cause some discomfort.I have found wearing a tubigrip knee support helps now (in later pregnancy has got more sore because of the extra weight of the bump I think) as it keeps the knee joint in the right position if that makes sense.The arm and wrist pain has cleared up a lot though. Hope you feel better soon!

sleepybee Mon 26-Jan-15 09:33:46

I get painful swollen/numb fingers spoke to MW about it & she says its just water retention to drink lots of fluids & watch salt in take

Trooperslane Mon 26-Jan-15 09:51:03

I had carpal tunnel syndrome after giving birth - it's partly fluid retention too.

Off to see the physio, they'll sort you out.

TheEagle Mon 26-Jan-15 09:54:04

As other PPs have said, it sounds like carpal tunnel.

I believe it's to do with fluid build up - resting your hands on a pillow at night can help.

Keep an eye on it as later in pregnancy it can sometimes be an indicator of preeclampsia. Watch out for other swelling, such as hands, face and feet.

Hope it feels better soon, I get it some mornings and it's really annoying!

AbByG25 Wed 28-Jan-15 22:16:27

Thanks went to the doctors and have carpol tunnel in both hands!

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