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Tips on destressing at 22 weeks pregnant

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3rdbump Sun 25-Jan-15 20:59:28

Am 22 and a bit weeks pregnant and having a bit of a rough time of it at present.
I have a first class Arsehole as a partner who prefers getting pissed with his mates down the pub than thinking about helping me out.
Meant to be moving house in a week or so and theres me shunting furniture around and cleaning under things, packing stuff away, lifting boxes etc whilst he says hes in work then i find him in the pub. will be back in 10 mins is texted to me every half hour. Well i lost it. After 3 hours of waiting for help i stormed down the pub, which is very small and very local and it was quite busy, no music just people chatting and drinking - to march over to the dick and tell him Get his arse home now and look after his kids as am off to my mums as had enough!!* the pub went silent, everyone looked.
sure enough within 5 mins he came storming home, only to tell me i made a C**t of myself and everyone thinks i am a dick and how i will lose out and how i have had my chance
haha haha
What a dick.
Why would any decent man treat his pregnant GF and the mother of his children like this?!! (see previous thread on his antics)

Anyway all this stress and lifting, (please see previous posts of his antics) has been causing me a hell of a lot of stress. I keep getting hundreds of braxton hicks when i get stressed/angry sad i cant help it though. I feel like kicking him in the face. alot.

I have wayy to much work at home to go up to my mums for a little while plus 3 other children. The 10 and 11 yr old would be fine with their dad but i would have to take the 2 yr old with me (normally goes to childcare 3 x per week) which means i cannot do or take any work with me sad

RAHHHH i just want to scream and shout and cry and laugh all at the same time.


Is anyone else having a shit time?
Care to share??

3rdbump Sun 25-Jan-15 21:06:45

Sorry to moan guys. I just need to let of steam. I don't have many friends here where we live, its crap and boring in the countryside. Its overrated!!
My house looks like WW3 has hit it, everything is everywhere due to the move. I used to be so house proud sad
I just feel like there is no point in putting on make-up or doing my hair or dressing nice. Whats the point?? whos going to see me?? sad
Am sad, hormonal, paranoid, fed up and lonely.
And yes i am feeling very sorry for myself sad
My moods are up and down like a yoyo. I know its the hormones. How can i control them?

Discopanda Mon 26-Jan-15 00:38:18

I'm also having a tough time with a sh*t partner. We almost broke up over Christmas, he seems to continually want to go out with his mates even though I'm 30 weeks pg and we have a nearly 3 year old. Saturday night he went out, told me he was staying at a friend's house only to come home at 4am and kick the door in! (I'd put it on the catch because I hate being home alone) I've kicked him out for the next couple of nights.
Really sorry he's being a dickhead, it can be really lonely and isolating being pregnant. Tomorrow morning you should brush your hair, paint your nails and just get out of the house for some fresh air. Most mums let housework slide a bit when pg especially when you've already got kids. I really wish there was some way of controlling bloody hormones, if you're really starting to get down it might be the start of antenatel depression, you should speak to your midwife xx

fattymcfatfat Mon 26-Jan-15 00:47:39

I feel your pain! Im 14 weeks with number 3 and I spkit with their dad just before finding out I was pg again. Im on my own with two kids and a wanker of an ex who thinks its amusing to wind me up and cause an argument every other flaming week. This causes me to get cramps and headaches and more importantly upsets my kids (6 and 1). I suffer from a few health probs and mobility can sometimes be a problem but I have to push through. I split with ex because of his antics and wanting to be with his friends and I had enough of feeling like me and the kids werent important to him.!!!! Honestly sometimes I think it would be easier to be a lesbian but I dont like foofoo......hmmm. my housework is definitely not yp to scratch but I have to hide most of it away bedire the ex comes as he threatens me with ss etc...not taking into account the kids plus my mobility issues.....its very stressful but hopefully things wont be so bad once you move x

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