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Gender guesses?

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dancinglorna1984 Sun 25-Jan-15 17:42:16

We have been for our 12 week scan earlier this week and although we think it is probably too early to know the gender just wondered if anyone had any guesses? smile

fattycow Sun 25-Jan-15 19:14:00

You cannot tell gender for at least a few years. For the sex I would say girl.

dancinglorna1984 Sun 25-Jan-15 19:44:11

Thank you

dancinglorna1984 Mon 26-Jan-15 16:28:44

Does anyone think there is any truth in the nub theory?

Dr0pThePirate Mon 26-Jan-15 17:15:49


It think the term gender is contextually appropriate here as the OP is clearly asking about the biological sex of her child.

I think it's ironic you believe the word "Gender" should be fix and have only one meaning.

sianihedgehog Mon 26-Jan-15 17:53:08

Dr0pThePirate argue it with the World Health Organisation.

weeblueberry Mon 26-Jan-15 17:57:07

I think it's ironic you believe the word "Gender" should be fix and have only one meaning.

She didn't say it had one meaning. She said it wasn't the correct word for the situation.

dancinglorna1984 Mon 26-Jan-15 18:48:19

I don't quite know what I have started here...

FourAndDone Mon 26-Jan-15 18:49:50

This happens on every thread. Just let them fight it out smile

Emus Mon 26-Jan-15 22:36:11

I think Girl but then I usually get it wrong! I'm going on the skull theory.

Emus Mon 26-Jan-15 22:37:17

Also, that's one of the clearest scan pics at 12 weeks I think I've ever seen! smile

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