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Worried MMC survivor

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DoctorDonnaNoble Sun 25-Jan-15 16:18:58

So, I'm 6 +2 today and I've woken up from a nap with a dull ache in my right shoulder. I just slept funny, right?

twilightstruggle Sun 25-Jan-15 16:28:50

I don't know anything about shoulder pain except that it can rarely (rarely rarely) suggest ectopic, but holding your hand while you wait for someone useful. I'm sure it's nothing though, and just that you slept funny plus post-mc anxiety. Hugs.

DoctorDonnaNoble Sun 25-Jan-15 16:32:45


MouseInTheSkirting Sun 25-Jan-15 16:34:33

It's nothing to worry about I'm sure. Hot bath and a relaxed day will sort it. Mmc are really cruel and they mess with your mind. Have a brew

Currentlyclueless Sun 25-Jan-15 16:36:03

With an ectopic the shoulder pain is in the left shoulder and it's meant to be agonising as is the stomach pains.

I asked my midwife all about this on Friday she musta thought just go home haha

DoctorDonnaNoble Sun 25-Jan-15 16:37:43

Thanks clueless. It does just feel like muscular pain but I got worried.
Also avoiding pain relief as it's first trimester.

fattymcfatfat Sun 25-Jan-15 16:44:01

You slept funny....I always wake up with aches and pains as I can never get comfy! Im 14 +4. You will be fine to take paracetamol. ...I always have but saying that ive never experienced the tragedy of mmc. I think a nice soak in the bath and a brew will have you sorted in no time. If you do feel you need pain relief after that contact 111 and ask them if its ok to take paracetamol. Dont worry about sounding silly its what they are there for

DoctorDonnaNoble Sun 25-Jan-15 17:03:29

Thanks Fatty.

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