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Silly question from FTM! Maybe TMI

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BreeVDKamp Sun 25-Jan-15 13:57:33

Im 24+3 and for the last few days I've felt sick and had period pains. I think it's just because of womb stretching but I am fed up!! I have also been feeling v wet down below so I keep having visions of premature labour... I think if my waters had gone and were trickling rather than gushing it would still feel like more than just discharge right? I went to the labour ward a fortnight ago, as NHS Direct told me to through lack of baby movement, and heard the heartbeat, so I don't want to ring again and feel silly again! So the above symptoms all sound normal right?

Anyway I am feeling fed up, also have constant acid reflux!! MW on Thursday so I can have a good moan then smile I can still feel the baby moving about but it literally feels like I'm about to start my period :-s

luckiestgirlintheworld Sun 25-Jan-15 14:05:31

No idea I'm afraid, but all I will say is I would NOT use feeling silly as a reason not to ring up and ask. Better safe than sorry. They will totally understand that.

BreeVDKamp Sun 25-Jan-15 14:09:47

Yeah. There is no-one to ring on a Sunday though, other than NHS Direct. Thing is I have googled and everything that came up was women who were much further along in their pregnancies and it was early labour! I'll ring first thing tomorrow I think.

AuditAngel Sun 25-Jan-15 14:16:06

With DC1 my hind waters broke and I had a constant trickling of fluid. I thought I had leaked, like when coughing or vomiting, but when I "clenched" everything, it still kept trickling, so I realised it wasn't urine.

That is not to say that yours isn't waters, do you have your notes? I was told to ring the labour ward if I had concerns, they have an assessment/triage ward. The number should be on your notes.

Hope everything is ok.

TeaandHobnobs Sun 25-Jan-15 14:17:17

What does it say in your notes about contacting someone with any concerns? If your antenatal day assessment unit isn't open on a Sunday, then the next place to call is the labour / delivery ward. They will be used to receiving these sorts of queries. Please call them, it is not worth the risk if there is a small chance of threatened prem labour.

jmojo Sun 25-Jan-15 15:01:08

Put a pad on to absorb the moisture and show it to them when you get seen.

BreeVDKamp Sun 25-Jan-15 15:20:43

Rang the labour ward and was just about to hang up when someone finally answered! She said I need to go in straight away, I'm scared sad

Zebrasinpyjamas Sun 25-Jan-15 15:32:37

You are doing the right thing. Focus on staying calm until the hospital has checked you out. Easier said than done I know but focus on slow calm breathing. Don't Google anything. It won't help.
Just because they are calling you in it does not necessarily mean there is something dramatically wrong. many pregnancies have these horrid scares and go in to full term with healthy babies. The hospital will check you out and then you will know whether there is anything to worry about.
I hope things go well for you.

BreeVDKamp Sun 25-Jan-15 16:01:12

Thanks! I was thinking on the drive in maybe I have a water infection. We shall see.

jmojo Sun 25-Jan-15 16:01:50

Good luck!

leanne963 Sun 25-Jan-15 16:28:56

Good luck Bree I'm sure everything is fine smile x

Nottalotta Sun 25-Jan-15 16:36:30

Good luck, its best to go in and be checked than stay home and worry.

BreeVDKamp Sun 25-Jan-15 16:37:39

Just waiting to get my notes back to go home now. All seemed normal and fine, they are sending away a swab and urine sample for me and took my blood pressure and listened to the baby's heartbeat. The doc said it all sounded normal and I looked well so I shouldn't worry. They were really nice and said I shouldn't feel silly!!

Thanks for the kind responses mumsnetters, they really helped!! Had I not rung I would still be at home worrying.

I haven't been singing my mantra recently, maybe that's why I am all anxious. I should start that again:

'I believe in my baby,
I believe in my body,
I believe that my body will keep my baby safe and well, HEY! (repeat)' grin

jmojo Sun 25-Jan-15 17:46:37


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