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*tmi alert* So clearblue digi says pregnant 1-2 weeks. Have some light brown discharge

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alien11 Sun 25-Jan-15 13:19:36

hi, as the title says really... Didn't have anything like this with my DD. Haven't seen doc yet - plan was to call doc tomorrow to start the balls rolling re care.
Has anyone had any experience of this ?I've been having the sharp pains I had when pregnant with dd which I was told then is the ligaments stretching. Just worried about the discharge, I have mild cramps at the moment but nothing significant.
Would really appreciate any advice


Zsazsabinks Sun 25-Jan-15 13:23:56

Not much you can do really until you see the doctor. It isn't bright red bleeding which is a good thing. Could it be implantation bleeding?

A lot of people do have spotting so, although I know it's much easier said than done, I would try to relax.

Take care!

alien11 Sun 25-Jan-15 13:26:55

Thanks for your reply :-)
Hopefully I can get a doc appt pretty soon and see what she says. Fingers crossed all is ok

amandalk91 Sun 25-Jan-15 13:29:56

It will just be spotting I had it too, all fine at 20 weeks now smile don't worry too much

alien11 Sun 25-Jan-15 13:47:42

Fingers crossed it's just spotting. 4 years since I was last pregnant so kinda forgotten what pains I had! Also was working full time then now a sahm so lots of time on my hands to notice everything.. Not good!

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