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VBAC wwyd?

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Mexicantortilla Sun 25-Jan-15 13:14:17

Had 3 cs's first 2 for failure to progress no foetal distress ect, both failed inductions at 42w
3rd was ELSC due to first two, but they took her out at 38w and she was just a little bit prem, went to nicu as low blood sugars I had been fasting 24h with no drip up do I'm not surprised. They wouldn't let me breastfeed and said she needed milk, they shoved me off to a ward and I kept saying I wanted to BF but they didn't give me a pump, eventually got to see and feed her following day and she was fine.
They've said I have to have an ELSC again, I'm 35+2 now, I just don't want to repeat the fiasco.
I feel cheated that I can't give birth because I don't fit in with their timescales for stages of labour
MW suggested home birth against medical advice, I'm tempted - wwyd?

SilverStars Sun 25-Jan-15 13:41:41

When would they do the Cs? Here they do not do ELCS until 39 weeks. Perhaps discuss with a mw/consultant your unhappiness with last Cs - lack of food/fluid for you and so on so if a section is recommended hopefully it is a better experience.

Mexicantortilla Sun 25-Jan-15 13:46:17

They said 37/38w

Radish9 Sun 25-Jan-15 14:01:52

Do you know why they want to deliver you so early? Guidelines have pretty recently changed to recommending holding out till 39 weeks to prevent breathing problems in baby.

TheRealMaryMillington Sun 25-Jan-15 14:02:12

You need to discuss how you feel the last ELCS went, and how to ensure similar doesn't happen again. I don't understand why they would do ELCS so early unless there was some strong reason for avoiding labour, or believing the baby needs to arrive early. Potentially you could argue for a later EMCS date at 39 or 40 weeks.

I had a horrible ELCS experience (after EMCS with DC1) too, at 40+5 (apparently) but DD was wall and IMO could have done with another week, also fasting for hours and waiting at hospital from 7am till 6pm when finally went to theatre. I then had VBA2C with DC3, which was like some brilliant textbook delivery with zero intervention, on MLU due to enlightened consultant and zealously pro-vbac midwifery team (Liverpool women's if you want to reference it)

It is not worth expending energy on about missing out on the birth experience (though it is fair enough to feel a bit sad about it) - tbh that decision may have been made for you with the 3rd section - but you should be able to have your views on delivery date taken into account. Might a doula help, as an advocate for your wishes?

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