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First Midwife appt...

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Currentlyclueless Fri 23-Jan-15 09:39:00

I feel very nervous for no reason I have got my first midwife appointment at half 1 luckily my mum is coming with me.

What does it generally entail? My letter says it may last 2.5 hours, is this true?!

weelamb123 Fri 23-Jan-15 09:46:03

Hi there and congrats! First midwife appt I very boring and all about paperwork. Take along a urine sample and it will save u doing one there. They just go over ur family history and ask u lots of questions about ur health. U'll be ask consent before they take certain bloods too and take ur height n weight to work out ur bmi. They'll also take ur BP. Mine lasted about 1hr 30 mins but it didn't feel that long. If uv had a baby before they ask u how that pregnancy went and the birth. I just went myself cos I knew I would be pretty boring. My dh is only coming to my scans. It'll be totally fine and there's nothing to worry about. Xx

Currentlyclueless Fri 23-Jan-15 09:50:17

thank you smile my mum has to come with me because I have severe anxiety and the dad has suddenly decided he doesn't want to be a dad so she's my moral support! Good job she's coming don't know much about my family history haha! Xx

LittleHornbill Fri 23-Jan-15 10:27:06

Hi, I only had my booking in appointment last week. The midwife I saw was lovely.

While I was waiting, someone came round collecting everyone's pee samples and the cards that you get when you first see your GP.

Then the midwife and and took me to a little room where she checked my height, weight and blood pressure. I also did a breathalyzer type thing that is apparently to check if I smoke or have been around enough smoke for it to be in my system.

Then we went into a kids interview room (the standard rooms were all in use) which was covered in pictures of giraffes smile .
In there she handed me a lot of leaflets and explained what each was about.
She said everything was fine with my pee.
She went through mine and my immediate families medical history.
She explained what other appointments I would have through my pregnancy.
She asked if the baby's Dad was around and took contact details, I assume if he wasn't then she would have asked for Mum/ friends details.

I expected to have bloods taken but she said that wont be done until about 16 weeks.

In all it took just over an hour. I was nervous before but there really was no reason to be.

HolyTerror Fri 23-Jan-15 10:30:44

Very useful to have your mum with you for childhood illnesses and family medical history. I didn't tell my mother I was pregnant until 18 weeks, so I had to pretend a sudden interest in family medical issues and my childhood vaccinations!

sleepybee Fri 23-Jan-15 10:45:52

Be prepared for some weird questions such as do you or your partner have criminal convictions? Are you blood relatives? Are you being forced into the pregnancy or suffered domestic violence? Sad that they have to ask as obviously someone must answer yes to these questions sad

My advice is take a big bag I got tons of leaflets, books, DVDs plus freebie vitamins, toothpaste, toothbrushes, vouchers etc thrown at me. Plus they will give you your pregnancy record book thingy

Skeppers Fri 23-Jan-15 10:48:52

Yep, the first appointment is a bit of an anti-climax to be honest as it is all questions and paperwork. I didn't even need to give a urine sample; she said that would be done at my second appointment in March and gave me a tube to take away and 'fill' on the day.

She asked me my height/weight (didn't actually measure either so it may be worth doing a weigh in before you go, just in case), medical history, etc. took my blood pressure and a few blood samples to check for various things. Asked how I was feeling and told me that it was perfectly normal to feel absolutely fine without any sickness or weird hormone swings, which was reassuring because from everything I had heard if you weren't dying from morning sickness and crippling tiredness then you were some kind of freak...

She also took quite a bit of time talking me through the Downs' screening and various potential outcomes/options but this may be because of my age (36) and the fact that it's my first child. They give you a stack of paperwork- which you need to take to every subsequent appointment- and leaflets to take away with you. I didn't find them that insightful, but there were lots of freebie vouchers which I shall put to good use! She also scanned my details off to the maternity unit at my chosen hospital so they could arrange my 12 week scan. I received a letter with a scan date within a week.

My husband didn't come with me; I didn't expect him to. He'll just come along for the 'exciting' bits (scans, birth, etc.) and that's fine with me! But by all means take someone along if you're feeling anxious. My midwife was very calming, friendly and reassuring though; I'm sure that yours will be the same. smile

sleepybee Fri 23-Jan-15 13:35:06

I took my husband but he wasn't allowed in for part of the questioning I assume this was in case he was forcing me or whatever then I wouldn't be able to say anything. They then called him into the room & took some of his family medical history details. He then fainted when they took my blood sample confused. They might not let your Mum come in for the full appointment so be prepared - best wishes smile

Currentlyclueless Fri 23-Jan-15 15:47:38

Literally just got out after going in at 1:15 I've gotta go back for my bloods Monday because my bp was too low today they didn't want me fainting. They told me to bring my mum to everything if possible as I'm still relativley 'young' and 'mother knows best' I can't believe how often I had to repeat myself but I won't be seeing a midwife again I'm under constant consultant care, she was lovely though!

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