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looking for positive stories, please tell me it will get better

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hopefull2424 Fri 23-Jan-15 08:50:57

I'm 14 weeks and really suffering with sickness and exhaustion. I went back to work this week after 5 weeks of for xmas and a week sick and managed two days before going off again. I saw the gp yesterday who said I'm showing signs of dehydration and was given new sickness meds.
I can't stand food which means I have no energy at all. I'm also now full of a stinking cold and just don't feel like I can do anything.
I really am praying this is going to get easier

weelamb123 Fri 23-Jan-15 09:05:38

Omg! U r going thru what I'm going thru!! Ive now been off work for almost 8 weeks and still really struggling. And yes, I have another stinking cold. I'm 14 weeks too. Well done for going bak to work, I cant even think about it. One day I feel not too bad and the next day I'm floored. Are ur work understanding? Remember their are different laws in place for pregnancy related illness so u cant be disciplined in the same way if u hit a sickness trigger. If ur ill u really shouldn't be at work. This is my second child but I was nowhere near as bad with him so I'm hoping it eased soon. I do enjoy my job and do want to go back. Take care, I think once u start to show and baby is good size then sickness starts to ease. Good luck xx

Giantbabymama Fri 23-Jan-15 09:26:22

Hello. I had horrific sickness and ended up working from home for a month as I couldn't get in the car without puking. I think I started to feel bit like normal from about 22-23 weeks so it was a long haul but, I think a lot of women do feel better before that.

I am not up to date with laws as am expat but I am pretty sure pregnancy related sickness does not count towards your usual sick leave, so try not to worry about it. I found stress made the sickness worse, so try not to worry, ditto not eating, try small bland snacks like slices of plain toast, crisps. My doc suggested fizzy water as tap water made me puke, and that helped stave off dehydration.

I am now 37 weeks and still get a tiny bit of nausea from time to time but that's from the baby squishing my stomach I think. My doc put me on premosan as navidoxine turned me into a zombie and didn't really do much for the sickness, the premosan did seem to help. It is awful at the time as everyone keeps telling you it should be over by now because people seem to think the puking magically stops at 12 weeks, which it does for some but not everyone. Just keep trying different drinks and snacks, and try not to kill the people that harp on about bloody ginger! (That drove me nuts as the smell made me sick). Oh and forget housework, if you've got someone to help you great, if not just do the bare minimum to stop the rats from moving in and get to work when you can, but if not rest and look after yourself. My doc was really nice and said don't worry, if you get really dehydrated we can give you a drip to sort your fluids out.

Once I worked out things I could eat and drink - small amounts of pasta, plain cheese sandwiches, lemon Melissa tea by Lipton, Rachel's organic my first yoghurts (they're for toddlers but so what? Eat what works) then it was still pretty miserable but bearable.

The hardest thing for me was that this is my first so I had no concept of what it would be like. I think I expected to be a bit sick but mainly carry on as normal but I was basically floored by it. I really do think that the Kate Middleton puke fest helped as it raised awareness of how bad it can be, that it can actually be serious. It feels like there is no end in sight but there is, I promise!

hopefull2424 Fri 23-Jan-15 11:05:25

Thank you for your replies. I'm hoping to be back on my feet and at work soon but just taking it day at a time. I'm finding I'm Very emotional possibly because I'm not used to being this ill and unable to do things. I took the sickness meds yesterday but hopefully will be able to come off them soon.
Weight is literally dropping off me (have plenty spare so not a big issue)
Just really hoping this all ends soo n so I can start to enjoy my pregnancy x

sarkymare Fri 23-Jan-15 11:43:55

You sound just like me when I was pregnant. I had horrendous sickness from 5-28ish weeks. I was in and out of hospital quite regularly needing IV fluids as i was so dehydrated.

It does get better eventually. But in the meantime have you tried drinking Ice cold drinks? I found that nothing hot or even warm would stay down but anything super cold was fine. I used to chop fruit and stick it in the freezer for a few hours before eating it. Likewise with water. If I could get just a bit of half frozen water and fruit to stay down then it got easier to keep other foods down too.

The key with keeping the sickness under control is having something in your stomach at all times. This seems impossible right now I know. Is there a food, any food at all that seems even remotely appetising to you? It doesn't Matter if it is healthy or a deep fried mars bar. Eat it. I found crisps in particular were good. Wotsits are light enough not to sit in your stomach uncomfortably but will still line your stomach. I would eat a packet of wotsits and drink a small glass of slushy water every morning before I got dressed. It would take me 15 or so minutes to eat the packet. More often than not it would stay down but I had to eat very slowly. I found that if I managed that okay I was much more likely to manage a small snack for lunch. (some frozen grapes and a biscuit)
I stuck to this routine religiously and sure enough the sickness improved dramatically, to the point I could go days without being sick instead of minutes! But If I skipped my 'breakfast' I was guaranteed to spend the day with my head down the toilet.

Sorry I'm rambling now.. I honestly really do feel for you. I wouldn't wish that type of sickness on my worst enemy. I do have many tips though. Wether they will all be of use to I'm not sure but please feel free to PM me if you would like them. IT WILL GET BETTER. Good luck!

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