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Breastfeeding pillow for post C-section

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Ilovechops Thu 22-Jan-15 16:20:22

I am having a C-section in a few weeks and am contemplating buying a breastfeeding cushion for after the birth. I didn't use one with DC1 and never had a problem but it was a VB and i think it's rather different. I am worried because one of the only positions I could feed in for the early days was the rugby ball one because I have really big boobs and I couldn't seem to get comfy unless on my side for the first week or so. I did have a 3rd degree tear which made it hard to sit down last time.

Anyone have any advice on the cushions and which would make a good choice post C-section?


mildatheart Thu 22-Jan-15 16:26:02

I'm having a planned section on Wednesday and am getting none of these
Cuddles Collection Nursing Pillow Jungle (Blue)
They come in tons of lovely patterns.

mildatheart Thu 22-Jan-15 16:26:41

One not none!

onthematleavecountdown Thu 22-Jan-15 16:27:34

I'm having a cs in a few weeks too and planning to bf. I have a dream genii pillow. It's long with a bend in it so hoping I can use it for a variety of positions. I did look at the v shaped ones but I couldn't see how to use it when rugby ball holding baby.

jimijack Thu 22-Jan-15 16:31:19

Bog standard v pillow from Ikea. Cheap as chips & flexible enough to manoeuvre around the body for whatever position suits. Still using mine for bf my 2 year old.

nevergooglebrandybutter Thu 22-Jan-15 16:32:05

i've had 3cs's (becoming a bit of an expert!) and have bf each time.
to be honest, any firm pillow will do. i used a memory foam one that i already owned last time and it worked really well. i didn't bother with 'feeding pillows'.

rugby ball hold is great after c-section too. sitting on the sofa i would put a small cushion to my side then place the firm pillow across the top.

laying down perfect too, but i've always found the baby needs to be a bit bigger before feeding laying down works for me.

babyblabber Thu 22-Jan-15 17:31:08

I love the widgey breastfeeding pillow, very firm, easy to pull off you quickly but still snug.

No way could I feed my big babies without it at first. DS was 11lbs and DD was 9lbs and section so it was great. Have it out & ready for next week for no.3!

TheEagle Thu 22-Jan-15 17:36:23

I tried to use the Dream Genii for feeding but I could never get the blasted thing in the proper position! It's not very firm either so that didn't help.

I found the c - shaped pillow to be brilliant (think it's called a widgey pillow).

This time round I've bought a twin My Brest Friend (2nd hand) which is mahooosive grin

Oh and I never fed lying down - it hurt my tummy in the beginning and DS just never took to it. Any tummy discomfort (from CS) while feeding went away within a few days.

Good luck!

Innocuoususername Thu 22-Jan-15 17:38:44

I agree with nevergoogle, any pillow will do really. I too am large boobed but I'm not a big fan of breastfeeding pillows, I think they are often too bulky and the baby ends up being too high. After my CS I just used a bog standard pillow as a bit of extra padding over my scar, and I got rid of that after about 10 days.

fanjobiscuits Thu 22-Jan-15 17:43:27

I used thrupenny bits cushion which was really portable, highly recommend

NameChangeForNameChange Thu 22-Jan-15 17:59:12

I've had 3 sections and have bf all if my babies, but have never really bothered with a special pillow. Someone lent me a widgey style one with DC1, but I barely used it. With DCs2 and 3 I just trapped any firm pillow / cushion that was handy. I'd save your money and just but one after birth if you think you need it.

Ilovechops Thu 22-Jan-15 21:06:05

Thanks for the tips. I used a normal cushion last time and had no problems so perhaps it's not worth the spend and I should see how I get on. I do have the dream geni cushion for sleeping. With DD1 I LOVED it but this time I hate it! Not sure why but it's so big and awkward I hardly bother with it and can't imagine using it for feeding.

Tranquilitybaby Thu 22-Jan-15 23:46:56

I found feeding much easier on my scar and back when I used a Boppy pillow.

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