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Homerton University Hospital - should i avoid for labouring

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CM1976 Tue 20-Jan-15 17:01:28


this is my first pregnancy and i have been given to Homerton University Hospital for labouring

i have done some research on the web and find out the publicity of this hospital is not good as there are few maternal death cases happened in this hospital recently ..

I'm and my husband are so worried now whether i should go ahead with this hospital and should i change to a new one .

Just wonder is there anybody here could share their experience with Homerton University


BlueDiamond89 Tue 20-Jan-15 18:16:21

Hello smile

I gave birth to my DS at Homerton University Hospital in 2013 and I was really pleased. I'm also due to give birth there again this time round. My midwife on the delivery suite was lovely, and I also had a nurse and a few others at my labour at one point and they were all very helpful. My DS was born healthy.

My only negative would be the maternity ward, I wasn't too happy with the midwife I was assigned with as I did not find her helpful at all but there were also some that took their time out to help me.

I hope this helps in some way smile

cheetarah Sun 25-Jan-15 19:09:08

I'm going to Homerton- seemed quite good at the 12 wk, relatively newly refurbed, clean. Better than some of the others in the area I think? It's my first pregnancy too.

Lulu3108 Sun 25-Jan-15 19:59:09

Hi, I wrote a post asking out of UCH or Homerton. Most people said UCH.

I live under Hackney... Stoke Newington. However I requested UCH as my maternity hospital.

I did not even know about the maternity deaths shock !!!!! As it is my local hospital I suffered a miscarriage in a and e the way they treated me was disgusting and it took several days for them to suss it all out.

When I had abdominal pains at 9 weeks, I rang homerton early pregnancy unit and they said nothing they could do, they couldn't see me. I could go to a and e but nothing could be done until a referral was made going into the next week.

I rang UCH maternity they told me to go in straight away to their early pregnancy unit. They have me a ultrasound there and then.

Cannot fault them so far, the staff shook hands with me, facilities look modern and some birthing suites are privately sold for £4500!!!!

It just shows the different treatment in different areas under NHS PCT. My friends who have birth at Uch recommend it too.

I feel calmer giving birth there compared to my previous experiences at homerton


CM1976 Fri 30-Jan-15 08:50:00


Yeah they just have move the scanning department to the new building

We shouldn't worried about the facilities there as they are well equipped than the others hospital around Stratford

the only thing i concern is their staff services.

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