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Fibroids-C Section or not?

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ChickenMe Mon 19-Jan-15 20:37:10

I'm 29weeks and I have three friendly fibroids. Just posting to ask fellow fibroid sufferers about your experiences with pregnancy and birth?
My main roid is a cervical intramural fibroid measuring around 7cm. The other two are about 4cm and are just in the uterus. One seems to have disappeared!
There have been mutterings about ELCS throughout the pregnancy but no one wants to commit themself yet. Being a bit controlling anxious about the birth, as anyone would be, I'm impatient at the "not knowing" and scared of "trying" a VB and ending up with problems.
Very interested to hear other people's experiences with these pesky roids in pregnancy and how did they affect the birth?smile

wokeupwithasmile Mon 19-Jan-15 21:05:41

I have a few. I thought fibroids like yours and mine were a problem -- in terms of delivery -- only if they were located down low and might be obstructing the birth canal? Have they said anything in particular about the cervical intramural one? Is that why they are muttering cs?
Mine are intramural and outside the uterus, and they might be a cm shorter than yours but still pretty big. One also seems to have 'disappeared', but it probably is either covered by the baby or stretched in places where they do not scan.
I had no problem with them during the first pregnancy (or this one), and I did have an em-cs during the delivery, but it had nothing to do with the fibroids.
This time I decided to go for an elcs for various reasons (again nothing to do with fibroids), and the consultant said that he needs to have a very clear picture of where they are, so that he does not cut through them when performing the cs.

If I were you I would not go for an elcs only because I have fibroids. Plenty of people with fibroids have normal vb and no consequences. However, you should talk to someone who can assure you that that cervical one is not blocking anything.

Also, is this your first pregnancy? A word of advice, if I may. During the week after the birth of my first son I was in quite a bit of pain. Nothing unbearable, but I was convinced it was the c-section and was quite worried something was not right. I was then told that only part of the pain was the c-section or the uterus shrinking down (yay!), whereas a lot was caused by the fibroids shrinking. So do not be surprised if it is painful for a few days, maybe more than other people's experiences. I was actually quite relieved to know that, as it meant that my fibroids were going back to decent sizes and my belly was getting smaller because of that, too!

ChickenMe Mon 19-Jan-15 22:58:26

Hi wokeup yes they think the cervical one might block the exit - or it may move as the uterus stretches. I guess it's a waiting game but it always helps to hear from others.
Ee that sounds unpleasant re the shrinkage so thanks for the heads up.
I'm worried about ending up with an EMCS and them cutting through a fibroid. I don't think I get to choose an ELCS unless it's medically indicated by an obstructive roid though. If they decide Mr Roid isn't a problem then it's "try for a natural birth". Gee thanks consultant.
Mine caused ridiculous periods in the past and (I suspect) a heavy bleed at 14w so I hope yours aren't as evil and continue to be trouble-free

wokeupwithasmile Tue 20-Jan-15 22:18:04

Thanks, I have been lucky and never had major problems with them. I am afraid I do not know how this really works, but I have never heard of a woman with fibroids going for a emcs and having one cut, so I think it must be pretty, pretty rare!

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