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Night pains in stomach/bump......

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weelamb123 Mon 19-Jan-15 20:23:40

Hi, I'm almost 14 weeks gone and don't have much of a bump as such. But during the night I have all sorts of aches n pains across my tummy. I have now started to get a rib pain on left hand side which kept me awake most of last nite. I only remember being uncomfortable towards the end of last pregnancy. As I said don't have much of a bump, but so uncomfy all ready....anyone feeling the same this early? Xxx

weelamb123 Mon 19-Jan-15 21:08:36

Anyone had this so early on?

pinkie1982 Mon 19-Jan-15 21:52:17

I'm 15+1 and have a bump already! It's uncomfortable to sleep on my front or sides too. Been trying to sleep with one knee really high (the leg on the side I am led). This seems to help a bit

Ilovechops Mon 19-Jan-15 22:14:06

Yes I did, I am 31wks and have less pain oddly! I am uncomfortable as obviously big but remember between 10-18 wks or so lots of sharp ish pains and aches and was slightly worried as didn't (I don't think) have it with DC1. Seems all is fine...I think perhaps my stomach stretched sooner hence the aches?!

pinkie1982 Mon 19-Jan-15 22:18:12

Sorry, I meant to add I had a lot of pelvic pain going up the sides Friday and Saturday. And that vaginal/cervical sharp pain I've read about. Apparently normal growing/round ligament pain as this is a fast growing time for baby. It's gone for now.

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