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Spring/summer maternity wear - any in the shops?

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supersupersupershock Mon 19-Jan-15 20:03:40

I'm so over black and grey... need some colour in my life smile plus considering a little holiday in a few weeks time to sunnier climbes (sod the budgeting!) and need to get some bits

4hayters Tue 20-Jan-15 07:21:43

Not sure about the shops but check eBay out!

skyra13 Tue 20-Jan-15 07:24:28

I got some strappy tops in the sale in H&M maternity wear not ideal for winter but would be good if going away, got them in store.

beno57 Tue 20-Jan-15 08:36:54

ASOS have lots with free delivery and returns.

SK28 Tue 20-Jan-15 08:56:26

I second ASOS as a recommendation - they have the widest range I think and I bet they'd still have some more summery or colourful options either full price or in their sale.

H&M have got a smaller range but do have some dresses and blouses at the moment in colours other than black and grey (although most of their tops and trousers are those two colours!).

Dorothy Perkins have got some floral and summery printed tops, trousers and dresses for a bargain in their sale - but not sure what range of sizes they have left. Their full price range includes some nice workwear dresses, including a few prints.

supersupersupershock Tue 20-Jan-15 11:51:24

Thanks will go and check those out. Only thing with ebay is if it doesn't fit you are stuffed!

Zahrah5 Tue 20-Jan-15 20:20:57


I feel like I am being in mourning. What's up all those black, navy and gray clothes?

I found this company offering the brightest selection of colors.

FuckYouKatieHopkins Tue 20-Jan-15 22:48:15 had some brighter stuff. I was looking for my sister who was complaining about exactly the same thing!

teejayem Wed 21-Jan-15 10:12:00

Asos also have a 20% off Maternity on at the moment - I have picked LOADS of bits up in their clearance.

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