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Back to back at 39weeks

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adjoa01 Mon 19-Jan-15 18:51:00

Hello ladies,
So I jus got back from my midwife appointment I am 39weeks and in so much pain, she tells me that my son is back to back with me, any suggestions on how to get him to turn? And advice would be great, thanks so much.

blackwidow74 Mon 19-Jan-15 18:56:58

Get down on all 4s with your front resting on elbows so that your bum is higher than front end and gently rock back and forth ... It will encourage baby to swing to the front and hopefully stay put though you may need to a couple times a day! I used to get down with my favourite book or puzzle magazine to pass the time and take my mind off the discomfort ... also try not to arch your back as you do it!

adjoa01 Mon 19-Jan-15 19:18:43

Ok thank you so much I will try this right now, how long do I do this each time?

blackwidow74 Mon 19-Jan-15 20:48:15

Aim for 15 mins at a time ... 2 to 3 times a day ... ☺ good luck x

adjoa01 Mon 19-Jan-15 20:49:13

Ok brill thank you so much, fingers crossed x

Showy Mon 19-Jan-15 20:51:42

I tried to turn my dd from back to back for weeks on end. She occasionally moved and then swung back again. She stayed back to back until the bitter end. DS was exactly the same. Back to back all the way through.

Don't worry too much if your baby won't turn. Most back to back babies move during labour and some are just happier to come out that way. It's uncomfortable I know, but don't fret if your baby stays put. He's happy that way. It's not an 'abnormal' presentation, just an uncomfy one.

The Spinning Babies website is quite good for suggestions.

fattymcfatfat Mon 19-Jan-15 22:17:32

Both of mine were back to back and face first when born! I fully expect this one to do the same....I have a habit of giving birth to awkward babies. It plays havoc with your back but it is what it is and is all worth it in the end

Dogsmom Mon 19-Jan-15 22:29:10

My first daughter was back to back and the midwife said I was welcome to try getting on all 4's etc but it wouldn't make any difference.

Yes it was very painful but much less so after an epidural grin

TerrysNo3 Mon 19-Jan-15 22:38:23

DS was back to back and yes it was painful so if you know in advance don't try to be too brave as an epidural is like an angel from heaven grin wink

good luck trying to turn it though!! and labour is not forever and you get a baby to cuddle at the end, so it's all worth it grin grin

fattymcfatfat Mon 19-Jan-15 22:39:11

Im scared of epidural! I just stuck to gas and air...probably hurt more Than having an epidural but god is that stuff great!!

Showy Tue 20-Jan-15 11:04:16

An epidural isn't scary at all in reality. It often gives a woman much needed respite. I refused one until it became medically necessary for an emcs. I was quite the opposite with gas and air. I hated it and it did nothing for the pain. I wish I'd enjoyed it. My friend thought it was brilliant and came out with some entertaining speeches whilst using it.

Burmama Tue 20-Jan-15 11:15:11

Pelvic tilts on all-fours is supposed to help this I think. Get on all fours and rock your pelvis like cat-cow yoga pose (stick bum up, pull bum under, repeat for as long as comfy)..... Good luck!

Thelovecats Tue 20-Jan-15 12:13:08

My Dd wAs stubbornly back to back until I went into labour. She turned as the contractions got going. I refused to sit down/lie down which I think helped.

berrypicking Tue 20-Jan-15 12:17:52

your lucky your midwife figured yours was back to back! mine didn't and I didn't know till I was in labour for 27 hours. if I had known I would of tried everything and had an epidural as my back really hurt. looking back I had very bad lower back pain for about the week prior to giving birth but had no idea it could be he was facing the wrong way. looks like the ladies on here have some good advice so try the different positions, I will be with this pregnancy just in case its the same!

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