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Engagement pains

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Jodie1982 Mon 19-Jan-15 17:48:55

Anybody else getting lightning crotch? 36+2 with baby no.5. All day today my lil one has been forcing his head into my pelvis, and it really makes me jump, it's that forceful I worry that my waters will pop! Not very pleasant at all. Had a presentation scan today as he's been breech and thankfully he's turned, I guessed he had as I've been getting the Lightning Crotch, MW told me he's very low. Hope you ladies are well, I've had enough now, I'm in desperate need of some sleep due to Pregnancy Insomnia. sad

Clemelan Mon 19-Jan-15 19:49:49

Yes! I have been getting lightening crotch! It's can be so 'sharp'! Haha, makes me jump when I'm just out and about walking, people must think I've got some strange 'tick' ! I'm 37+3 and also suffering with insomnia.. I haven't had a full nights sleep in a long while until last night! A friend suggested wearing an eye mask, it meant that even when I 'stirred' because of the pressure on my eye lids from the mask I went straight back to sleep! You should try it, it might not work for you but no harm in trying! X

Jodie1982 Mon 19-Jan-15 21:21:26

I shall be nicking my DD's eye mask tonight and giving it a go, thank you! Lol.

missingpinotgrigio Tue 20-Jan-15 08:41:31

I call it the fanny daggers!! I'm 36+4 and sometimes it's a real sharp shock! I swear bump is also training to be a rhythmic gymnast by the amount of movement!!

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