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Brown discharge

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nikkibaby2015 Mon 19-Jan-15 13:18:14

I am 3 weeks pregnant and noticed in the past day i have very light pink discharge when wiping after going for the first wee of the day and then this colour has changed to a dark brown / watery colour. There isn't a lot (no marks on my knickers) - just visual when i wipe after going to the loo. This is my first pregnancy so worrying that i may have lost the baby. I exercised yesterday and wondered if i have done something to the baby?

fattymcfatfat Mon 19-Jan-15 13:28:04

I think its probably best to get checked over but it is more than likely nothing to worry about just go to hosp for your own peace of mind and to diuble check everything is good. I doubt its anything to do with exercise though. Good luck

QueenMartha Mon 19-Jan-15 13:31:52

3 weeks pregnant is only 1week+ after ovulation so around the time some people notice implantation bleeding.

eastcoastmum2014 Mon 19-Jan-15 13:38:04

Very likely to be implantation bleeding but its worth having it checked out. If you get cramps or the bleeding turns red or you gt clots get checked immediately

Cornberry Mon 19-Jan-15 17:12:06

I had this for a few days and it turned out to be nothing. Doctor said all manner of discharge to be expected. Pain and proper bleeding are cause for alarm, but if you are worried always best to set your mind at rest and see GP x

bonzo77 Mon 19-Jan-15 17:22:06

Are you 3 weeks since you ovulated (eg got 3+ on a digital pregnancy test) or 3 weeks since your last period started?

fizzzog Mon 19-Jan-15 17:32:02

I had this for some time early on in my pregnancy, it got worse than just being there when wiping. My midwife was in no way concerned and unwilling to intervene. I contacted a midwife I know personally who reassured me not to be concerned and not much could be done to investigate til I was at least 8 weeks. All turned out to be fine!

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