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Anxiety in pregnancy...!

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Fantazey03 Sat 17-Jan-15 20:50:21

Hi all!
I'm totally new to mumsnet and this is the first thread I have ever created! I have been looking at some of the other threads and there seems to be some really sensible good advice so I'm hoping people can allay me fears or have gone through the same thing to come out of the other side. This is my first pregnancy and apart from the usual morning sickness ect had no weird symptoms until around wk 12 when BOOM anxiety hit like a truck. It's not specifically about the baby, just a general 'everything-is-about-to-go-wrong' type feeling, a general fear something bad will happen ie my loved ones will fall sick or my partner and I will break up ... I can generally keep these feelings under control when I am busy or distracted but any downtime and they creep in: to the point of I can think of little else. I think I was very mildly anxious pre pregnancy but nothing like this and was always able to control and rationalise any fears. A lot of info I have read has advised anxiety can come about in pregnancy due to all the hormones and with all likelihood as my hormones return to normal so will these feelings...has anyone else experienced this? Please don't scare with any horror stories lol! I am 31 weeks now and have tried; camomile tea, yoga, acupuncture And bachs flower remedies...they take the edge off but don't resolve...will I go back to normal after I have given birth?? Please help!!!!

Bustherb Sat 17-Jan-15 21:31:35

Hi, I'm nearly 16 weeks and know exactly how you feel. I'm not particularly an anxious person, I don't tend to worry about big things normally stupid little things but recently I've been worrying about everything, and I do get good and bad days.
My friend who is 33
Weeks told me that she was like this and it went.
So I'm sure you will feel better soon xxx

Fantazey03 Sat 17-Jan-15 21:39:30

Thank you that does help. Xx I appreciate the reply smile xxxxx

Mumtobeyorkshire Sat 17-Jan-15 22:30:41

Hi, I just wanted to reply and say I completely understand. From the start of my pregnancy I became a paranoid wreck. I was convinced I would lose the baby (this fear lasted right up to the birth), something would go wrong in my relationship etc.

I think it's probably a natural reaction to feeling responsible for a life and being anxious about the unknown.

If it helps, I now have a beautiful 4 month old baby girl and every moment of crippling fear was worth it for one single smile from her.

(Plus it's good practice for the new fear that replaces it after you have the baby about your parenting! Lol!) xxx

kaybug Sat 17-Jan-15 22:38:49

Thanks for posting this. It's so nice to not feel alone in this one! I was diagnosed with anxiety in early pregnancy (19weeks now), similar to you described, a constant feeling of something going wrong or with me its the fear of doing wrong/letting people down/not being good enough. I feel for anyone going through this because it's horrible. if you are struggling try asking your GP to refer you for CBT. I'm going through it at the moment and it really does seem to be helping. xxx

hazel88 Sat 17-Jan-15 22:45:07

I know exactly how you feel. I'm a first - timer and am 35 weeks. I don't get anxiety as bad as I did but still get the odd day. My way of dealing with it is to try and take my mind off it by doing something I enjoy- even if it's putting the kettle on and grabbing some biccies with my feet up! I know that my worries are completely irrational and mostly about things that I can't even do anything about if they were to happen. It's completely normal and you're not alone! Just try to relax and accept that your hormones are working over-drive, don't give yourself a hard time and you might not give so much thought to any irrational worries smile

Fantazey03 Sun 18-Jan-15 10:30:44

Thanks ladies your replies areuvh appreciated xxx it helps s lot to know other people are experiencing this and I'm not going mad!!!!

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