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can I do it again?

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ch1134 Sat 17-Jan-15 07:52:40

My ds is one. On one hand I'm desperate for another, can't wait to leave work again, and just want to get going. I found pregnancy and the baby days very easy 1st time round, so it's not that that's stopping me.
But I've only just got my periods back, still breastfeed once a day, ds has just started sleeping through, and I am completely exhausted with work.
I am desperate for another, but worried about being pregnant and stressed/ not my best. First time, at this stage, just ready ttc, I was so healthy. Now I'm tired and stressed.
Anyone else been pregnant like this?

Newmom2b Sat 17-Jan-15 08:36:29

Can't answer you exact question but I had a relatively easy pregnancy with my Ds, breezed through it but its SOOO much harder second time round when you already have a child to look after! I have found it very difficult this time and not 'enjoyed' it as much! No sitting down resting, no lazy days etc, still taking my ds out everyday to toddler groups etc and am currently 39 weeks and exhausted! Good luck whatever you decide x

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