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What to buy for baby to sleep in

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KiwiDoc Sat 17-Jan-15 05:01:59

I'm due our first baby in April. I've had various different suggestions from friends about what to put a newborn to sleep in. Moses basket vs bassinet vs Cocoonababy. Getting confused about what to buy and am grateful for any advice! Thanks.

katandkits Sat 17-Jan-15 05:36:59

Both mine hated Moses baskets. And most other sleeping devices except my bed tonbe honest. This time I had the most much with the chicco next to me crib and the poddle pod inside it. Poddle pod way cheaper than cocoonababy and lasts longer. Obviously you will eventually need a big cot or cot bed. You can use the big cot from birth however I cant fit one in my room which is where your baby should sleep for six months.

katandkits Sat 17-Jan-15 05:38:17

Most luck, that should say. Typing at this time of morning not so great!

Kittymum03 Sat 17-Jan-15 05:42:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ClaretAndBlue30 Sat 17-Jan-15 05:44:18

My 12 week old DD still sleeps in her Moses basket and has done since birth, she loves it. I bought a cheap one as I'd read some babies hate them but it's been invaluable to us. She was a small baby (6lb) so that's contributed to why it's lasted so long.

We also have a chicco next to me crib which we've not used yet! That's in our room and I expect she'll be in it within 2 weeks from now.

She has a cot in her bedroom ready for when she moves in at 6 months.

Where they'll sleep is very baby specific, and it's hard to judge until they're here.....

Sonics Sat 17-Jan-15 06:12:24

We have rented a bed nest for 6 months (cheaper than buying) which is a co sleeper. Baby yet to be born so can't comment on whether he she likes it though I'm afraid!

Missymum6 Sat 17-Jan-15 06:51:55

We got a Moses basket for ours and as it was a big one she was in there for a while x

HazleNutt Sat 17-Jan-15 09:07:18

we had bedside cot and amby hammock downstairs for us. He also used babybjörn bouncer for naps sometimes. But hated moses basket.

KiwiDoc Sat 17-Jan-15 09:59:17

Thanks all for your advice!

StetsonsAreCool Sat 17-Jan-15 10:10:17

Both my babies were 9lb born - DD was in the Moses basket until about 14 weeks, but we moved her because we were disturbing her sleep.

DS is only 3wks old so plenty of time yet, but he loves the MB. I don't know how we'll move him out of it at this rate! He spent two days in hospital crying every time I tried to put him down. Thought I was in for a rough time of it when we got home, but I put him in the basket and he slept for 3 hours! Still does good long stretches like that too.

Just wanted to let you know that they're not completely pointless, but different babies have different sleeping preferences. Good luck!

JennyBlueWren Sat 17-Jan-15 11:08:49

We're having a bednest upstairs and a moses basket downstairs (steep stairs so don't want to be carrying about). Have a cot bed ready in the nursery and it's HUGE! Could fit 6 babies it it.

Like the look of that poddlepod -will have to see if I can find any cheaper.

skyra13 Sat 17-Jan-15 11:32:59

My first is due in April to, My friend is buying us a Moses basket as a gift so that will be used downstairs we also have a bassinet given to us so she will go into that after she is out of Moses basket also using this for camping.

We have a crib to go next to the bed and a cot bed for when she moves into her own room.

If that's any help smile

Whenwillwe3meetagain Sat 17-Jan-15 11:36:49

Cocoonababy is brilliant and ds 8 weeks old sleeps well in it. Also rent a bednest which he likes too. I tend to keep cocoonababy downstairs for naps. Got mine 2nd hand for £69 on eBay. Loads if mum friends have one and swear by it.

Dogsmom Sat 17-Jan-15 11:53:41

We used the moses basket for daytime naps and put her into her cotbed for night time, I'm paranoid about SIDS and had bought the Angelcare monitor with the sensor pad that goes underneath the mattress, I'm still using it at 22 months!

Mumtobeyorkshire Sat 17-Jan-15 11:59:47

Just thought I'd pop in and say we LOVE out cocoonababy- my DD is 4 months and getting a bit tall for it and I'm gutted! Xxx

espa Sat 17-Jan-15 18:52:02

I have a sleepyhead. It's great, we use it in snuzpod at night and on sofa during day. I though the poddlepod wasn't meant to be used at night?

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