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Polyhydramnios + other problems, scared!

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xShellyx Sat 17-Jan-15 00:30:32

Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone can share stories about them suffering with Polyhydramniosas my midwife is concerned I'm suffering with this, at 34 weeks I'm measuring at 37 but they cant feel baby due to so much fluid. For the past couple of weeks my stomach skin has been feeling like it's about to rip, litterally but I never thought anything of it, the fluid build up has happened rather quickly.

I'm going to hospital for a scan and a 'urgent ' gtt next week as iv been drinking pint after pint of water + ice lollies.

To make things even better, iv suffered with spd since week 16 and the extra weight has made one of my knees give up. I'm finding it impossible to walk.

I asked mw at my appointment if I can be induced early because of all the pain, she said she'll be suprised if I'm not induced before my next appointment but she seemed very concerned about me and made the hospital appointment while I was with her.

I'm worried sick about Goinf into labour early or being induced. I'm particularly scared of having a csection, this is my 2nd baby and my first pregnancy was a breeze compared to this time round.

xShellyx Sat 17-Jan-15 09:01:40

Anyone? smile

rubyboo2 Sat 17-Jan-15 09:46:04

Hi Shelly , this is my 3rd time of being polyhydramios . I am 36 wks 4days . I am afraid it is the consultant who makes decisions regarding your care not your midwife . My midwife told me the same the consultant has said totally different .
It sounds like you could have diabetes with you being so thirsty etc .
Being poly does make labour more complicated . The baby moves around more so doesnt get settled into the position it should . There are other complications if your waters go to but best to discuss at the hospital .
I have a different reason in this pregnancy for being poly and have no idea if i will be induced as it depends on the scans I am having . C section is not an option now as he seems to have settled head down until recently was an unstable lie but as yet not engaged as too much fluid .
Speak to the obstetric dr and consultant who you will see once it is confirmed you are poly .

gamerchick Sat 17-Jan-15 09:52:28

I had this with my last pregnancy but had no obvious reason for it. I was induced bang on 40 weeks.

From what I remember they like your waters to break in a controlled environment in case of cord prolapse which can be dangerous. Labour was quick and uncomplicated.

I didn't have the mega thirst you're having though.

xShellyx Sat 17-Jan-15 09:57:19

Thank you ladies! I had a complicated birth with my first and I nearly lost my little girl because of all the complications, I'm scared about the birth or section this time round especially as I hoped for a better birth, I don't feel like I played much part in it last time (i was out of it, assisted delivery, couldn't push....) Abit selfish of me i know.

I didn't realise about the midwife/consultant thing, hoping someone can at least help with this pain though, I cant move my legs or bend one of my knees, laid in bed crying this morning and had OH help 'roll' me out sad

womaninthewildsofwales Sat 17-Jan-15 09:58:55

I had polyhydramnious due to antibodies and blood incompatibility. I was induced at 34+6 by ARM- consultant was shock at the amount of fluid! Your midwife and the consultant will tell you more but the golden rule is: if your waters break stick your head down, bum in the air and get help... Quickly!

gamerchick Sat 17-Jan-15 09:59:32

Man I have every sympathy. I can guarantee you'll feel a million times more comfortable when they bop your waters. Even if it does waterfall off the sides of the bed and goes up your back.

OddFodd Sat 17-Jan-15 09:59:33

I had to have a c-section because when I went in, I had too much fluid for him to engage - he just floated away! It was absolutely fine though - not at all scary and the alternative was staying in hospital until my waters broke which was not something I wanted to do.

I went in for the induction/had the c-section at 39 weeks. All uncomplicated.

xShellyx Sat 17-Jan-15 10:38:51

I'm worried I'm going to feel like I missed out again if I have a section, if that makes sence? The main part is obviously baby is healthy and whole. In my head this time my birth plan was an active one with a pool etc - looks like I'll create the pool myself though!

My waters broke on their own with first, there I was laying on the sofa, legs over the OHS and woosh, they burst! He had ago at me thinking I had pee'd myself, he was most mortified. And I thought even then I had alot of water to lose, looks like this time will be fun and games. Bump is so sore from the skin stretching, it seems to just get bigger and bigger every day! Apparently I can ask to be induced early too due to all my pain and complications and mw thinks I'm having a big baby (judged before all this fluid suddenly built up) ... What's the earliest they do it? I don't want them to induce me too early, unless absolutely necessary.

rubyboo2 Sat 17-Jan-15 11:08:49

Hi Shelly has the midwife told you this ?I doubt you will have a section . I would just wait to see what they say at the hospital as I know from experience its can be very different .
We were told in clinic about a controlled delivery and induction due to fluid etc but the saw another dr who said something different !
My baby is a whopper at 36 weeks 8lb ! I do have big babies . I have a problem with the blood flow to the baby but they are still keeping me waiting from scan to scan so I have that to worry about , extra fluid and GBS !
They like to keep you preggers as long as possible ! I think they induce around 39 wks .
Wait and see if its confirmed you are poly as it just maybe your having a whopper like me . smile

xShellyx Sat 17-Jan-15 12:46:35

The midwife said it's more than likely I'll have a section as I cant open one of my legs or crouch down as its sheer agony and obviously with this on top.

They think it's poly because they couldn't feel baby for all the fluid, they got her heartbeat though

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