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High Blood Pressure?

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MsRyanGosling Fri 16-Jan-15 21:56:42

I am 16w+4 with DC#4.

At my booking in 8w ago my BP was 140/80.

At my 16w it has risen to 149/90.

The MW measured it twice and used two different machines and seemed to look alarmed confused

I have never had any BP problem a before and it has always erred on the low side of normal, even throughout 3 previous pregnancies.

I was shocked and a bit upset after the app - all she suggested was I go for extra BP monitoring.

I've tried to consult Dr.Google but a lot of the info relates to later pregnancy so I'm a bit worried in car it goes up and up and up sad

I don't even know what I am asking. Should I worry at his stage or try and put it in the back of my mind? Does anyone have any positive experience of high BP?


MsRyanGosling Fri 16-Jan-15 21:57:22

In case* it goes up and up and up

Meirasa Sat 17-Jan-15 08:40:49

To be honest it's not so bad at the moment. It needs mentoring in case it continues to go up but the bottom number is what they care about. Over 90 is a concern and they really start worrying around 110. Hi BP can be controlled relatively easily as long as you don't have protein in your urine x

MissTwister Sat 17-Jan-15 09:54:02

I always have ridiculous high BP at doctors/hospitals so bought a home one and its pretty much normal. White coat syndrome is pretty well known and once you've had the 'worried' doc once it tends to shoot up every time thereafter! Mine was 169/95 or something recently but at home its more like 125/75 when I am not nervous

xShellyx Sat 17-Jan-15 10:52:58

My bp was 170something over something I cant remember the number. Was very high and I felt awful for it. It was monitored and I was given iron tablets which to my suprise, heightened my iron and lowered my bp, I felt 'normal' again after a couple of weeks and it's dropped right down, still high but it's dropping. smile

D00dles Sat 17-Jan-15 16:28:49

My BP was medicated in my last pregnancy. So this one they are prepared. Apparently, it's a new thing to give aspirin after 12weeks (I'm 11). I can tell when my BP is high. I get headaches and flashing lights. Did also have a trace if protein and growth concerns about by DD. But she was normal at every scan so they let me go to 36 weeks, I was due to have a section, which I really didn't want. Luckily she came of her own accord, no pre eclampsia but a tricky delivery with my BP going dangerously high...
You might get referred to a consultant and if it continues to be high they can medicate during pregnancy. It is manageable but a worry x

MsRyanGosling Sat 17-Jan-15 17:12:31

Ahh thanks for your replies smile seems I am only just into high BP. I'll see how it is next time before I start with the worrying grin

Interestly I have iron deficient anaemia, which I have had before yet this time they think I am a Thalassemia A carrier as the blood results mimic each other.

I wonder if my iron and ferrtin levels rise then my BP may go down?

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