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Preterm labour with twins, what to expect?

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Jaynenic09 Thu 15-Jan-15 03:01:16

Hi all.

I was hoping to get a bit of advice from you all, as I am a little bit anxious about my situation.
I am currently 31+4 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins. I have been told by the hospital that I am high risk for preterm labour, with a fFN test that came back positive. This was at 29 weeks and I was given steroids for their lungs.
I have also been contracting every 10 minutes for the past few days, some have been very painful but they do lessen so I expect that I am not in labour. I also have lost some of my mucous plug yesterday.

I would like it if anyone has any stories about their experiences with preterm labour and positive stories about premature birth to hopefully set my mind at ease. I am just so anxious as I don't know what to expect and everyone is telling me that I am going to go into labour any day.
Obviously I am being realistic and I know that if they come now they will need a lot of help, I would just like to hear other people's experiences in similar situations.

Many thanks smile

Katnipp Thu 15-Jan-15 09:14:26

Not twins but dd arrived at 32 weeks and was very small. I had very sudden severe pre eclampsia so only just 12 hrs between admission and emcs. I did get steroids (just!) that you've had them already should make a big difference. I had emcs due to baby in distress (to be honest the state I was in not sure I could have managed indication and labour).

My experience in nicu and SCBU indicated that 32 weeks plus (so you're nearly there) seemed to make a big difference. Although every baby is different. Tommy's has info on gestation and likely issues. I've found helpful as about to have second prem but am nearly 34 weeks this time.

Have you spoken to a paediatrician? My hosp was very good and anyone at risk of prem speaks to a peadatrician and gets info on possible complications for baby but scale of risk. So outcomes at 31-32 weeks are very good and most babies just need to stay in scbu until regulating temp, feeding and weigh enough.

The the only other thing I can say is that you should be prepared for the twins to be different. All the twins I saw in hosp progressed at different rates.

Sorry can't help about actual labour but they should be well prepared to care for your babies as soon as they arrive.

bettyboop1970 Fri 16-Jan-15 12:35:19

I had fraternal twins at 33 weeks. Like you, due to my womb contracting from about 29 weeks I was also given the steroid injections to help their lungs. The paeditrition spoke to me about what to expect as it was obvious I would have them pre-term. She also explained that I would have to give birth in their theatre and that there would be lots of staff in attendance. Two paediatricians and NICU nurses, one for each baby, 2 incubators, anaesthetist, consultant, midwives etc. I was also given a tour of NICU and the staff were so helpful and reassuring.
Twin one was breach so I knew I would have a c section if she hadn't turned naturally.
My waters started to go and I naturally went into labour, then was taken to theatre when I was 7cms dialated. I have to admit that I was terrified! However, the staff were so supportive and understanding. There were about 10 staff in attendance and oddly enough this made me feel better, all these highly trained people working to keep me and my babies alive. Twin one still breach so had to have c section.

Anaesthetist tried to do epidural but couldn' t do it, in the end I had to have GA, so my DP was not allowed to attend. In hindsight this was not a bad thing as he believes he would have been in the way and would have felt helpless. This has never been an issue for me either.
Twin one was 4lb and had to be ventilated as she unable to breathe unaided. Twin 2 was 3lb and able to breathe unaided. DP was able to see them in NICU about 90 minutes later. I saw them once I was stable.
Both twins were on IV drips for fluids and also blood complications which stabilised after 24 hours.
Twin one was able to breathe unassisted after about 12 hours. Both were tube fed with a mixture of expressed milk and special formula called nutriprem.
They were allowed home after 7 weeks which would have been their due date.
I never suffered PND as a result, thankfully.
The staff were bloody fantastic and supportive, I cannot thank them enough.
My DD's are now 6 and have been talking since 18 months, reading since 4 and have no developmental or health problems. I have given you an honest account of my experience.
I wish you all the best on your journey to twinhood! Twins are brilliant!

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