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STRETCHMARKS .....did you have them?

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SEXGODDESS Tue 20-Apr-04 13:07:05

I had absolutely loads of them. Really horrid ones.... in fact if a few of them were cracks in the pavement you could trip over them and injure yourself quite badly!!

Codswallop Tue 20-Apr-04 13:10:28

do you really want toknow?

no not one!

harman Tue 20-Apr-04 13:10:34

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Tue 20-Apr-04 13:22:22

I had none until 40 weeks, then suddenly in the last week about 5000000 appeared Only on my stomach and now they are very faint, would not wear a bikini that's for sure.
If stupid dd had been on time would have been fine grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

muddaofsuburbia Tue 20-Apr-04 13:27:36

Yup yup yup. On my bum and my hips, but worst of all on my tum flailing out from my bellybutton like big sun rays. They were itchy and I scratched so much they got infected. Sodding litres of cocoa butter did nothing. Well you did ask!

emmatmg Tue 20-Apr-04 13:28:21

yes, my stomach resembles a pair of austrian blinds as they go in all directions. Only a few go above by belly button though so if I really wanted to I could wear a high legged/waisted bikini. Would probably frighten the other holiday makers to death with my wobbly bum that is decending down the backs of my legs as I get older.

Coddy, with comments like that you should be banished!

bunnyrabbit Tue 20-Apr-04 14:18:03

Only on my boobs, but then I had them anyway....

Wouldn't wear a bikini anyway for fear of Green peace trying to return me to the water....


Grommit Tue 20-Apr-04 14:41:00

mine on the lower half of my stomach look like a wild animal has attacked me with its claws

smellymelly Tue 20-Apr-04 14:42:53

No - Well just the one, where my belly is pierced!!!

Welshmum Tue 20-Apr-04 14:44:20

I think it's genetic whether you get them or not but....seeing as I've only had one I'd like to know if people didn't get them with the first and then got loads with the 2nd (my sister didn't get any either)

fairydust Tue 20-Apr-04 15:08:43

i have them from my boobs right down to my thighs all thanks so my lovely dd didn't have one previously but luckly all have gone silver now.

fuzzywuzzy Tue 20-Apr-04 15:43:53

I used bio-oil everywhere, actually I got dp to rub it in so I didn't get any, but having read another thread I'm wandering if this is all set to change in the near future as am now expecting number 2, waiting with fingers crossed. BTW bio-oil is supposed to get rid of old stretch marks too if you want to give it a try, get you dp/dh to rub it in for you?!?!

kiwisbird Tue 20-Apr-04 15:47:50

I have, but they do fade quite a lot, I do not ever intend to wear a bikini or bare any of the flesh involved to anyone other than my DH who loves me the way I am, so cannot say I care about them, do't have that many I don't think but even so...

BadHair Tue 20-Apr-04 15:50:36

Didn't get any with either pregnancy. I put this down to ladling on bodyshop shea butter every night and having a flabby, pre-stretched tummy anyway.

Codswallop Tue 20-Apr-04 15:58:05

I htink theya e hereditary Mum and sis dont have them either

have saggy norks tho

Tinker Tue 20-Apr-04 16:00:41

I didn't get them. Don't think there's a lot you can do to prevent them though.

Codswallop Tue 20-Apr-04 16:01:09

see tinker we agree again

mears Tue 20-Apr-04 16:04:39

I'm with you Coddy - not a one. Didn't use anything to prevent them either (waste of money IMO).

dogwalker Tue 20-Apr-04 16:08:01

I didn't get stretchmarks on my tum, one or two on my inner thighs but quite faint. Tiny boobs though so none there either.

Beetroot Tue 20-Apr-04 16:10:14

Message withdrawn

lou33 Tue 20-Apr-04 16:14:08

Will take the heat off you Coddy. No stretch marks and boobs still pointing in the right direction (but they are small).

mummytojames Tue 20-Apr-04 16:15:49

to many i think im going to photo copy my stomach and sell it of as a detailed map of britain side roads as well

alexsmum Tue 20-Apr-04 16:22:52

oh good lord yes.Absolutely hundreds of them. All over my stomach, above the tummy button and everything.And even though they have faded to silver if you catch them in the right light they still have a purplish tinge to them . YUK yuk yuk.
didn't get any new ones second time round though. didn't need to though as I could have carried a small dolphin and had enough skin to go round it!

lou33 Tue 20-Apr-04 16:26:34

I have a friend who has stretchmarks,she hates them , but they look really pretty, like silver lace.

SEXGODDESS Tue 20-Apr-04 17:08:47

With the greatest of respect Lou...what planet are you on?

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