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Stretch and sweep

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Jadeykinz Tue 13-Jan-15 23:26:51

Hi guys smile
Had a stretch and sweep yesterday at 39+1 due to high blood pressure. Midwife said cervix is firm, 3cm long, -2 (no idea what that means) and that she couldn't manage to do the sweep as my cervix wouldn't open. so she "irritated" it (midwives words) in the hopes it would convince it to open. Lost part of my plug later on that night, lots of braxtons but nothing else. Was wondering what happens now as I'm due to be induced on the 18th.
Thank you in advance for any experiences shared or advice given grin

jmojo Wed 14-Jan-15 05:26:09

Ok so if you imagine your non labour, normal cervix is a long closed tube (3cm) with the firm consistency of your nose. In labour it has to get from that to a thin band that is streachy like an elastic and and opening up over the babies head ( a bit like putting on a polo neck jumper)

When you are examined midwives look for how long, open, high, soft, anterior (in front of the babies head) or posterior (behind the babies head) How high in your vagina the cervix is (the -2 bit) roughly speaking if the narrowest point the baby passes through is 0 then 1 cm higher above that is -1 and 2 cm above is - 2 conversely as the head and cervix descend then + 1 would be 1 cm below the narrowest point. It is a way of marking progress in descent of the head.

If the cervix is a little open which it can be near term as it readies for labour, and they can get a finger in then they may perform a sweep where they rotate the finger around to stimulate labour to begin (if your body is ready)
It sounds like the midwife wiggled your cervix as it was not very ripe for labour ie it was hard high and closed rather than soft and open. But it sounds like the sweep did something and it disloged some show so maybe it helped to ripen up the cervix a bit!! The cervix can change in any order ie thin before it opens, or open but still be firm for a while. Every labour is different.

You may labour (lets hope so) or you may have to go in for your induction. If you don't have another appointment booked then wait and see, have lots of sex as orgasm and semen help do the same thing as a sweep! Try walks and nipple stimulation too (not at the same time! Maybe do the nipple stuff at home - lol) nipple stimulation helps in early labour (so if you are having mild tightenings) as it increases the oxytocin in your body which is the hormone responsible for contractions. There has to be a thread on here with advice on it!

If nothing happens then attend your induction appointment! If you notice reduced movements or have any concerns then call the labour ward.

Jadeykinz Wed 14-Jan-15 17:19:21

Hi thanks for your detailed reply, it's helped me understand things a lot better! The midwife sort of explained but she rushed through what she was saying so I didn't quite understand any of it other than the turtle neck thing lol. Just checked my notes and she has put mid posterior.
I'm really hoping that it's helped things along and my cervix starts to open so they can just break my waters as I've heard being induced is more painful (I have no experience with either whatsoever as this is my first)
I have a blood pressure check tomorrow as there keeping a close eye on me, just don't fancy another hospital stay before I get induced, first overnight stay was Monday night and I hated it sad
Yeah I'm going to get onto my partner, feel sorry for him as he's been working so hard but I want our little man out now! Haha your nipple comment made me laugh wink Ive been trying to walk lots but having spd makes it difficult and I don't wanna push myself in case it makes labour difficult.
Yeah I've been given strict instructions on when to ring them because of a few signs of preeclampsia, slight headache atm but don't really want to ring in case I'm kept in again, I know it's best place for me and baby but think I have a headache due to lack of sleep and a dreadful cold (perfect timing!) thanks again for your help smile

Jenny1231990 Wed 14-Jan-15 17:25:57

Bless you. With my first I was induced due to GD. I didn't have it with my daughter. They did a sweep at 40 weeks which did nothing. They did another at 41weeks, and I was told having my baby any time soon was highly unlikely. That was at 2.30. She offered for me to be induced and I declined. I didn't want to be in hospital any longer than I had to be especially if baby was happy. Luckily really as my baby was born at 7.10 that same evening. No pain relief or anything. I'm hoping it will be that easy this time around. Ha. What I'm saying is if there is no risk to you or baby maybe try and hold out and see if another sweep will set things off for you. Goodluck. X

Bondy83 Wed 14-Jan-15 19:00:29

Induction isn't more painful it just cuts out all the slow labour build up so you tend to feel things quicker/sooner- at least that was the case for me anyway. Good luck x

Jadeykinz Thu 15-Jan-15 11:31:39

Thanks Jenny smile I was in Mau Friday because of my blood pressure also which at the time they thought it was preeclampsia. They eventually let me go home but the only reason they didn't induce me then was because I wasn't quite 39 weeks. I'm hoping that because little one is happy and healthy they will try another s+s. Oh wow no pain relief, I salute you!
Thanks bondy, I've just heard so many different things about induction it's so confusing, Im just hoping the first gel works so I'm not waiting for ages, they have said there do the gel then 6 hours later if it's not successful then do another one, again wait 6 hours then go on to the drip. Safe to say im getting extremely nervous now! I guess with contractions you don't know when there going to start so when it happens you don't have time to think about it, with the induction it's going to be constantly what I'm thinking of. I'll update if anything happens naturally smile thanks again for the help guys x

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