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Fostair for asthma in pregnancy?

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ZadokTheBeast Tue 13-Jan-15 20:16:27

Saw my respiratory consultant today who's prescribed Fostair. I'm 26 weeks, he said it was fine. Now I've got the inhalers and have read the leaflets it says 'must not be used in pregnancy except on the advice of a doctor'. So now I'm a bit worried that it might do soem harm and that there's maybe a safer alternative he could have prescribed. I'm sure he knows what he's doing but I'm only recently diagnosed with mild asthma and don't know much about what's OK or not. AFAIK it's not the steroid that's the issue, it's the other active ingredient in the inhaler. Just wondered if anyone else uses this? What advice did you get? Thanks in advance.

Mexicantortilla Wed 14-Jan-15 02:10:30

I'm on Fostair, and my GP and respiratory clinic don't see an issue with it, so I've continued to take it. If your GP ok'd you taking it then I don't foresee a problem. Which ingredient are you worried about and what is the problem with it?

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