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This might be TMI sorry

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Beggy15 Tue 13-Jan-15 16:54:29

Im just 7 weeks pregnant but today I'm having a lot of clear discharge (sorry) making me feel wet and horrible.

My doctor said don't worry about discharge unless it's brown/red or smells or is yellow/green. Which it isn't but still today this seems excessive.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm so on edge with every little thing sorry

TouchPauseEngage Tue 13-Jan-15 17:01:01

Yes. Started at the same time and has pretty much continued like that till now (16wks)
Don't worry it's totally normal.

Beggy15 Tue 13-Jan-15 17:03:28

Thank you for replying, I suffer with a severe anxiety disorder this has got me in a right tizz I can see I'm going to be a pest on here for a while so I apologise to everyone in advance haha

ChazzerChaser Tue 13-Jan-15 17:05:19

Yep, and it may well last all pregnancy. Mine did.

TiggerLillies Tue 13-Jan-15 17:07:00

Sadly this will probably be the least of your problems in pregnancy (I've had it may of the time) - can highly recommend Tena light pantyliners for your comfort though!
Good luck.

TouchPauseEngage Tue 13-Jan-15 21:21:00

Good luck Beggy. Everyone on here has been lovely and answered my silly questions. Do let the midwife know about your anxiety. Also I found the book Expecting Better, by Emily Oster very helpful for giving me hard facts on everything from
Foods to avoid through to premature birth. It depends on your personality but for me knowing the precise risks and percentages was really helpful.

Beggy15 Wed 14-Jan-15 06:48:04

Thank you I'll have a look at the book smile

leanne963 Wed 14-Jan-15 08:46:31

Totally normal beggy I constantly feel damp which is annoying. But part of the beauty of pregnancy that is hidden behind the expectations of 'glow' and 'good hair and skin'

No, I didn't get either or those good pregnancy points either lol!!

sianihedgehog Thu 15-Jan-15 00:04:09

Yep, enormous amounts of clear or creamy white discharge here too. I have anxiety about personal hygiene and HATE it, but it is definitely normal and is mentioned in lots of the more forthright books about pregnancy.

Luckystar82 Thu 15-Jan-15 00:18:52

Just wait til you start weeing yourself!

Seriously though, nothing to worry about.

Luckystar82 Thu 15-Jan-15 00:23:39

I can second Emily Oster's book 'Expecting Better' as someone who is anxious to know all the facts.

Has stopped me worrying about silly things like caffeine, deli meats, the odd glass of wine etc. most of what you're told not to do in pregnancy is nonsense as there's no evidence to support the stupid advice we're given. The exceptions which are bad for baby are: smoking, liver. And you must take go folic acid for first 6-12 weeks.

Beggy15 Thu 15-Jan-15 07:28:29

I can't take the folic acid 2 doctors have said it's more likely for me to miscarry if I take it cause of my low weight? Not sure why but I'm eating stupid amounts of folate rich food ATM

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