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Mamas and Papas Outlet, Huddersfield

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Sparkly1234 Tue 13-Jan-15 12:41:30

Hi, anyone been? Thinking of going over next week to see what they have in terms of prams. There is also a mothercare in Huddersfield so can go to that as well.
Just need somewhere to go where we can look at a few different prams, and hopefully get one sorted.
Also if anyone has any pram recomendations let me know! We want mid price range, not too expensive but dont want a really cheap one.
Thanks x

skyra13 Tue 13-Jan-15 13:07:46

I don't live in Huddersfield but I have a big mothercare by me and they had a good selection of prams to look at!
We went with a Britax Affinity includes pram, carrycot and free car seat there car seats have really good reviews. cost us £470 ish for full travel system and don't need to buy adaptors to attach car seat to pram.

I didn't want to spend over 500 on a pram/travel system so think we did well smile Got it a little cheaper as went for the cheaper colours packs and things as they were discounted in mothercare.
Don't forget to think about your boot size if you are using a car (I forgot) smile Good Luck I loved pram shopping!

Sparkly1234 Tue 13-Jan-15 13:16:59

I will have a look at that pram, that is about the price we want to spend at the most as well.
Yeah going to measure the boot of my car before we go.
Its going to be hard to choose one, as dont want to get the wrong one!

skyra13 Tue 13-Jan-15 13:21:36

It is good going to see them you can have a feel of what they are like to push and how to take them apart the women who helped us choose ours was really nice.
I like the Brittax for the suspension as we live slightly out in the country an can lock the front wheels, good for of road.

rubyboo2 Tue 13-Jan-15 13:39:29

Hi Op we had a look at Mama's and Papa's in Huddersfield and wernt impressed with the prams . That said they change stock all the time and may have some good ones in . We liked the cots there . smile

cookiefiend Tue 13-Jan-15 13:42:11

Baba me just comment on their Facebook page that they are selling off some prams today- look at their Facebook page as they have had good deals all week on warehouse stock. I haven't bought a pram from them, but was happy with the service for slings and nappies.

Doje Tue 13-Jan-15 13:51:57

Definitely worth a look. We got a reconditioned pram (been sold, customer returned it, then it went back to the factory to be checked /sorted). It was a brilliant price, I think £350 for the frame carry cot, seat and either the car seat came within that, or we fit a deal on it too. It was a M&P Zoom and it's a good pram too!

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