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No motivation! Need a massive kick up the arse!

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missmakesstuff Mon 12-Jan-15 17:39:26

Hi I'm 30 weeks today and I really have just lost all energy and get up and go!
I finish work in 5 weeks, at half term (secondary school teacher) and just have so much to do to get all my marking up to date, performances to organise for the last week, head of department things to just seems totally overwhelming. Just getting up in the morning is a struggle, let alone actually being productive.
Just feeling really worn out and down in the dumps.. I'm healthy, baby is happy (although breech, for two weeks now, which is a worry as I was up for having a vbac) and our 4 yr old dd isn't being too much of a handful.. I should be grateful and excited, not miserable and putting everything off...someone come and boot me up the behind!

d0ttyne11 Mon 12-Jan-15 22:31:45

Ahhh I felt the same last night before going back to work after a lovely long Xmas break and I'm only at 23 weeks! I'm also wondering how I'll manage the motivation to get me through to mid April when I'm planning to finish work before this first baby arrives in May.

A couple of little things have helped for me, like thinking of that time before / after Easter as wind-down. Marking out days that I'll work from home between now and then. Prioritising what I need to 'sort' before baby comes but even writing this, I think I'm beating around the bush here!! I kind of need to get myself re-engaged with what I need to actually do at work a bit don't I, than letting my head wander... Or is this just finally pay back time for all the hard work I've put into my career for the last 12 years?

I do notice that you're saying you're a bit down in the dups. That sounds a bit different from being productive at work so maybe I'm going off on a tangent? Are these some little milestones between here and half term that can make things more pleasant? Even if it's silly stuff like menu planning some of your fav dinners between now and then, doing some stuff at weekends with dd that you and your dp can only really do as a threesome now to make the most of the time before baby arrives (or a twosome if you can have someone take dd for a day / night without her parents around/) or explore a way to meet some local mums of no. 2s that are close to where you'll be to keep you going through Mat leave? Reflecting on what you're going to do differently with your Mat leave this time round compared to last?

Sorry - waffling now, hope some of this helps brew biscuit

missmakesstuff Tue 20-Jan-15 21:47:42

Thanks, it does. Starting to get a bit of the motivation back now but think it's mostly just going to be like this from now on! Just making doable lists and taking things a little at a time...also putting things off that I really am not going to actually get done in the evenings! Just getting more sleep instead, which is nice!

avocadotoast Tue 20-Jan-15 21:58:18

If it helps, I have no motivation either and I'm only 23 weeks. We're going through some big changes at work and I just can't be bothered with any of it. I just want to go on leave and forget about it!

croon979 Tue 20-Jan-15 22:09:53

I am only 20 weeks and really struggling with motivation. I have just agreed that I will finish work in mid-April by taking holiday and it can't come soon enough. Literally counting down the works. I have loads to do at work until then but have never been less interested in all my life (have worked there 15 years and love my job!). No Idea how I am going to kick start myself babk into action until April but need to do so soon.

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