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Anaesthetic Review Appointment

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TheBooMonster Mon 12-Jan-15 11:20:04

Has anyone had an Anaesthetic Review during their pregnancy and what does it entail? I have this insane image of someone giving me an epidural and then stabbing me in the leg to see if I feel it but expect that's a bit of an extreme measure to take with a pregnant lady...

ladybunnikins Mon 12-Jan-15 12:16:54

I'm an anaesthetist and that's definitely not what we do at a clinic appointment! People are usually referred to us in pregnancy for things like BMI>40, spinal surgery, previous anaesthetic problems, drug abuse etc. Usually it's a chat about epidurals/spinals and an assessment of how easy it will be do a spinal/epidural/general anaesthetic or get IV access. Then we come up with an anaesthetic plan, should it be needed. Have a look at for information on epidurals and anaesthesia for caesareans.

TheBooMonster Mon 12-Jan-15 14:50:25

Thanks lady!

CherryLips1980 Mon 12-Jan-15 15:14:11

I had one last week - exactly as ladybunnikins says, was just a quick chat about the options available to me, questioned about my previous labour and drugs used (just G&A, DD was in a big hurry) and a quick look at my back and asked if I had any loose teeth or crowns.

Took about 15mins! He spent more time playing with DD!

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