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21+4 and worrying!

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Periwinklepolarbear Mon 12-Jan-15 07:40:30

Im 21+4 today. For the last week my morning sickness(!) has got worse to the point of sickness after most meals. I'm having dizzy spells and feel so exhausted that when im not at work I'm in bed. Went for 20 week scan on friday and baby was transverse facing downwards and they couldnt complete all measurements. The sonographer didnt say anything was wrong but wasnt particularly reassuring. I've been feeling flutters for a week or so but not noticed as much in the past 3 days. Is this normal or should i make an appointment with dr/midwife? After 2 early miscarriages ive never got this far before but am aware i am a worrier grin confused Anybody got any advice?

Totesnamechanged Mon 12-Jan-15 07:47:05

I had to go back for measurements and all was fine. Later in my pregnancy I had reduced movement and I went to hospital and was monitored for an hour.

I think you should call midwife just for reassurance x

blackwidow74 Mon 12-Jan-15 10:59:07

You should have been given a re scan date to complete measurements? Definitely phone midwife and tell her your worries ... she can chase the rescan and get you in for a quick listen to baby's heartbeat to put your mind at rest smile

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