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Craving for chewing gum

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honeydue3 Sun 11-Jan-15 21:54:04

Starting to think if chewing sugar free Extra gum is safe for baby! I have been chewing around 4 or 5 times a day but only for the first couple of minutes then I discard the gum as I don't like the taste after! Sometime I will chew 2 at a time! This all started in my third trimester!
Anyone else with the same craving?
I read that sugar free gum has additives which called be harmful!

dementedpixie Sun 11-Jan-15 21:57:19

it is not on the avoid list so I am sure you will both be perfectly fine

dementedpixie Sun 11-Jan-15 21:58:52

mariomadmum Sun 11-Jan-15 22:19:05

meeee! grin I craved it when I was pg with ds (6) and now I'm 29 weeks I'm craving it again. I love it its the texture rather than the flavour I think. I never thought that it would be harmful confused

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