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How far along am I?

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AgentOfShield Sun 11-Jan-15 09:25:06

Hi everyone, this is my third pregnancy (I have two ds aged 6 & 3) and so far it has been a completely new experience!

My last 'real' period was on Nov 6th. My following period should have been on the 5th Dec but I only had a one day bleed on the 8th. I didn't think to much of it as it came at the same time as my Grandma was in a car accident and it was very stressful time, which does play havoc with my cycle.

However, 2 weeks later I began to get pregnancy symptoms (such as tender breasts, needing to wee a lot, and fatigue). I did a test & negative. I got a following 2 negative tests before a got a positive test on Jan 5th, three days after when my next period should have been.

So my question is, how far along (in your opinion) am I? 5 or 9 weeks? I have my first doctors appointment on Weds but I am driving myself crazy, it would be lovely to hear your opinions. Thanks in advance.

yummymango Sun 11-Jan-15 09:35:10

I'm no expert, but I would say 5 weeks as it's usually around 4 weeks when a test will become positive. If you had negatives then I would expect you to have not been pregnant.

AgentOfShield Sun 11-Jan-15 15:16:02

Thank you for you reply, I think it is most likely I am only 5 week but I just 'feel' further along.

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