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Maternity Bra..s ?

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Way2Tired Sun 11-Jan-15 01:01:47

Probably stupid q but most of my friends have different opinions about this so bringing it here. How many maternity bras do you need? Do you sleep with a bra on? ANd if yes, does it have to be different from the regular day wear maternity bra? Are bras better than the maternity/bf camis and such other fashion items? What is best/easiest to wear for a fast/good breastfeeding or does it not have any connection?

BananaPie Sun 11-Jan-15 01:15:38

I tend to change my maternity bra every day , so depending on the amount of washing you do, you may need 3 or 4.

I don't wear one at night , but I don't leak. I guess I'd need to if I did leak else nowhere to put the pads!

TwoLittleTerrors Sun 11-Jan-15 02:04:12

I wear sleep bra type at night. They are more comfy. I guess those feeding tops with in built bra would work too. But I leak very very badly. If DD doesn't wake up for a feed I would leak. I also leak enough to soak a pad when feeding so would need something to hold a bra in.

You would need a new bra everyday at least as it always get milk on it.

HazleNutt Sun 11-Jan-15 13:46:18

you don't need any special maternity bras, normal bras are totally fine to wear during pregnancy and won't give you the droopy monoboob look. With nursing bras, you might want to get a few, in case of leaking.
I wear Bravissimo PJs with built in bras for sleeping.

rubyboo2 Sun 11-Jan-15 17:28:12

Hi Op ive worn sports bra's through this pregnancy although you can wear maternity ones as either of these are supportivee but dont have bones in and have been lovely and comfy . I dont wear a bra on a night even though I do leak ! The best part of the day is getting my bra off ! smile

rosedavo Sun 11-Jan-15 18:25:10

Im 17 weeks and have 2, white and black (debenhams ones as mothercare ones were so itchy!) And I have 2 cheap ones that are the soft pull over type sleep bras (youcan get them from supermarkets) which are cheaper and I wear them for day as well. You only need to sleep in a soft sleep one if your uncomfortable or feel you need extra support, ifyou feel fine then dont bother!

Chatatouillez Mon 12-Jan-15 07:30:41

I have two maternity bras, but once I get to third trimester I'll buy four nursing bras, probably from John Lewis own brand as found them great (and cheap) last time.

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