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Carried heavy shopping now abdominal pain.

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ToddlingAlong1 Sat 10-Jan-15 20:10:30


I am 17 weeks pregnant. Went shopping today and parked in overflow car park. Bought my food shopping in one large bag. Got to end of car park and couldn't take trolley through. Carried bag to car. It felt ok to start, but as it was a bulky bag was arkward to carry and felt very heavy by the end. Got home and now have on and off pains in my groin and bump especially on opposite side to bag. Also have feeling of a heavy cervix. Is it likely to have caused any issues or just likely mildly strained a few ligaments and muscles down there? Just worried I have done some harm. hmm

I wish this pregnancy lark was easy! Keep feeling like I should be able to continue as normal, but body saying otherwise.

Lulu3108 Sat 10-Jan-15 20:42:54

I'm 15 weeks did exactly the same as you lol and it's when I cough or sneeze.

It's the ligaments I think and all the muscles. If it carries on ring ur midwife for ur peace of mind and look into online shopping as they delivery it into your house.


ToddlingAlong1 Sat 10-Jan-15 22:23:10

Thanks Lulu. Spoke to OOH GP, who said best be seen to check heartbeat and all ok by maternity hospital. Phone maternity they said not to come in unless really worried as can't listen to heartbeat as under 20 weeks and may not get a scan! Arrgh. Had GP find heartbeat no problem at 16 week appointment, but not hospital policy. Feel like I am living in the dark ages. (In Ireland by the way). Will go to bed and see how I am in the morning.

Lulu3108 Sun 11-Jan-15 00:07:43

Don't stress yourself out too much, has the pain gone yet or got better?

I found mine has gone but comes back if lifting heavy weight or coughing/sneezing. Apparently it's to do with the uterus growing and ligaments.

My hospital scanned me when I initially had these pains when I was 8 weeks.

See if you can ring another hospital perhaps they can do a scan with another policy?

Get some rest and take care xx

sleepybee Sun 11-Jan-15 07:07:34

If it were me I'd just rest as much as possible & take warm baths. I sometimes over do it with house work etc just need to take it easy

3rdbump Sun 11-Jan-15 10:12:47

I get that pain too, especially if i have done alot of walking, or if i cough or sneeze i get a horrible very sharp pain in my bump - ligament pain. Am 20 weeks

SilverStars Sun 11-Jan-15 11:02:37

In England maternity part of hospital where I am does not see anyone with concerns under 20 weeks, but the gynaecology section does - some call it EPU, my hospital has a different name - GAU.

ToddlingAlong1 Sun 11-Jan-15 11:34:12

Thanks everyone. Had a rotten nights sleep and found it uncomfortable being stretched out, so ended up with bad hip pain from being curled in a ball. Had mild aches and pains in pelvic area this morning but wearing off a bit as moving around. Think I have just strained things down there. Will probably make an appointment with GP tomorrow to check all ok and a quiet day it is. Finding it really had to slow down and not overdo things. blush

BumWad Sun 11-Jan-15 12:10:00

Glad you are feeling better. It certainly sounds like ligament pain to me x

LadyFlashHeart Sun 11-Jan-15 12:20:02

I think the relaxin hormone makes it really easy to sprain and strain muscles, because ligaments are more relaxed. I strained my hand and wrist at about the same number of weeks as you.

Know exactly what you mean about feeling like you can do something but then your body saying otherwise! Surrender to it Toddling, we need to take it easy! X

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