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Third trimester and exhausted

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Flippityflip Fri 09-Jan-15 23:21:20

This is DC3 and I am struggling to cope.If anyone had said I would find it this hard this time around I would probably have rolled my eyes,but now I am struggling to keep up with normal life and have cried from sheer exhaustion a number of times (to myself).My DH and parents etc are used to me just powering through and getting on with things and they all have plenty of their own stuff to deal with,I work part time so DH is main bread winner and working long hours etc my parents have plenty in their own lives and I am just feeling a bit desperate to be honest.I feel like I'm going to just collapse any day now as am barely struggling through the days,feel so totally useless.
Insomnia, discomfort and heartburn etc mean that I'm not even sleeping well when I do manage to crawl into bed at the end of the day.I don't know what to do.confused

Firstimemummy15 Fri 09-Jan-15 23:31:43

Have you spoken to your partner about how ur feeling? If you someone that usually just gets on with this he may not realise? How long until you can finish for maternity leave? Are you other children school age that u will be able to get some rest when you do finish work.

I'm 38+4 and finished work last week which has made a huge difference. I'm not sleeping due to being uncomfortable, getting snuffy nose at night, heartburn and this week an itchy stomach which is driving me mad! Now I'm not working though I will grab a nap during the day if I can - again this may be different for you depending on child commitments you already have.

I would say talk to people, let them know how your feeling and don't be afraid to ask for help, they won't think any less of you. You sound like your doing fab keeping all that under control x

Bondy83 Sat 10-Jan-15 20:00:34

I could have wrote this myself! 33wk with ds3 also still working part time. I'm suffering with SPD heartburn back ache headaches no appetite exhausted. Why am I doing this to myself? What made me think getting pregnant again for a 3rd time was a good idea? I have been close to tears or in tears all day. Just want to go to bed and wake up in 7 weeks time and it all be over with.

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