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Best black skinny maternity trousers...?

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GinFace Thu 08-Jan-15 20:23:00

I need some! Busting out of my much loved black skinny work trousers. We'll gloss over the fact I'm only six weeks (second pregnancy so I'm cutting myself a bit of slack grin )

What can you wise ladies recommend? Under or over bump, I don't mind long as they fit well.

When pregnant with DS I had some great ones from H&M but not had much luck there this time around. Have been looking at the Isabella Oliver Easy Leggings - anyone bought these before?

Thanks muchly.

Knottyknitter Thu 08-Jan-15 20:37:25

I've been very impressed with seraphine overbump leggings.

abbiebunn Thu 08-Jan-15 20:40:38

New look. I've got two pair of black skinny under the bump maternity trousers, and they are great. Really comfty.

BlinkAndMiss Thu 08-Jan-15 20:45:45

I've just bought some black 'Leigh' skinny jeans from Topshop's maternity section, they have an elasticated panel at the front that goes across the bump rather than under/over. They don't look like jeans at all and are a very light material, I wore them for work today because they just look like normal trousers.

I lived in Leigh maternity jeans in my first pregnancy, they are very comfy and did me all the way through.

FWIW I had to go up a clothes size from 6 weeks with this pregnancy, I've just bought maternity stuff now at 18 weeks but I've been desperate for them for a few weeks now. Once I'd put them on I wished I'd bought them sooner, definitely no need to be uncomfortable smile.

GinFace Thu 08-Jan-15 20:45:59

Thanks both.

Knotty I've just had a peek at seraphine and their range looks really nice.

GinFace Thu 08-Jan-15 20:47:22

Thanks blink - I'm a fan of 'normal' Leigh jeans so may give the bump ones a try!

You're so right about not needing to be uncomfy. Mat clothes rock. I just have to be a bit careful as I'm still hiding my pregnancy from work...

ShootTheMoon Thu 08-Jan-15 20:54:11

I have been spending on maternity clothes today and have seen lots of black trousers!

Seraphine and Vertbaudet both have some in the sales at the moment. I definitely spent too long squeezing into ordinary clothes with the last pg - I want to be comfortable this time! I wore Topshop jeans last time but wished I'd sized up as they got too small.

GinFace Fri 09-Jan-15 11:03:28

Found some Seraphine black treggings (didn't even know they were a thing) on EBay for £14! Have ordered a pair...will report back!

GinFace Fri 09-Jan-15 11:04:39

Found some Seraphine black treggings (didn't even know they were a thing) on EBay for £14! Have ordered a pair...will report back!

littlemissy12345 Fri 09-Jan-15 18:14:34

Gap do midi panel black jeans which look like trousers and are amazing. Not cheap though but have seen me from 10 weeks to 30 so far!

GinFace Fri 09-Jan-15 19:55:49

Thanks little. I've heard some good things about Gap so will check them out. Does the black colour last well?

catsofa Fri 09-Jan-15 20:26:31

These are only £9 at Jojo Maman Bebe, and I think their stuff is usually good quality? I've ordered some but they haven't arrived yet so I can't tell you anything about them.

Caillou Fri 09-Jan-15 20:39:14

I have ordered and received the jojo maman bebe black leggings/trouser for £9

I think they are definitely more suited for late pregnancy, I am 16 weeks, and they are baggy around the stomach

GinFace Fri 09-Jan-15 20:41:04

Catsofa that is brilliant, thank you so much. Have just ordered a pair. Even if they're shit, you can't complain for £9!

catsofa Fri 09-Jan-15 20:45:55

Should have said, they also have his dress in the sale - it's £35 in blue but only £9 in grape colour, no idea why!

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