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Sharp pain in top of bump.

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Dogsmom Thu 08-Jan-15 18:34:51

Just wondered if anyone had similar?

I'm 32+ 4 with dd2 and have been getting a very painful shooting pain in the top of my bump, it's been on and off for a week or so but getting more frequent and intense, initially it was for a few hours mainly at work then there would be a few days gap but now it's here more than it isn't

It usually goes off if I can rest but today has been constant for a few hours, it's a tiny bit easier if I sit down but doesn't go completely and when I stand for even a few seconds my bump goes rock hard.

I can feel my baby moving as much as ever and the pain doesn't feel deep, it's painful if I even press lightly. Google only brings up round ligament pain but says that's low and this is nowhere near the bottom, it feels like a sharp, stabbing pain.

I've called my doctor and am seeing the midwife tomorrow morning but in the meantime thought I'd ask if anyone else has/has had it and what you were told it was?

minipie Thu 08-Jan-15 18:47:33

Yes, I have this. I googled sternum pain in pregnancy and it looks like it's quite common. A lot of sites will assume you mean heartburn but mine definitely isn't heartburn, it seems to be related to the muscles/ribs in that area. it's something to do with pressure on the diaphragm iirc.

I find it helps if I arch my back (to stretch out the bit between my ribs and my bump), and if I clasp my hands behind my back (to stretch out my chest). And it helps to sleep with bump supported.

Dogsmom Thu 08-Jan-15 23:03:37

Mine feels lower than my ribs and sternum although I'm not ruling anything out (except heartburn smile as you say that's easy to tell)

It hasn't been too bad this evening, a bit uncomfy but not severe pain like earlier however I've hardly moved off the settee, my bump is going hard literally every time I get up though which is new for today, not a painful cramp but a definite tightening.

I doubt the midwife will be able to give me much advice except rest which is nigh on impossible with a 22 month old and paracetomol.

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