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So much pain , Is it normal ??

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bahfinghumbug Thu 08-Jan-15 12:18:03

I'm 28+4 .

I've had a reasonably easy pregnancy apart from Pneumonia & exhaustion .

For the past 2-3 weeks I've had what I can only describe as immense pain round my Vagina it feels like really bad bruising but doesn't hurt to touch iyswim also feels as though I've been horse riding which I haven't .
I'm struggling to walk at all (can't go more than a few feet without needing to sit down) no pain killer is even touching it tried paracetamol & Co-Codamol & I may as well be eating smarties .

I can't go on like this , I've a 6yo Ds to run round after .
Not seeing my Midwife until the 26th & I mentioned I thought I might have a touch of spd before Christmas & she said that she could refer me to physio but I'd probably of had the baby before I manage to get an appointment .

blackwidow74 Thu 08-Jan-15 13:23:05

Sounds like the onset of SPD which only get a worse. It affects walking, turning in bed, standing for any length time ... I had a physio appointment for it last week and was advised to get crutches and a pelvic belt ... hospital no longer give out these items so have to buy the belt myself and managed to get my hands on crutches a friend was no longer using ... apart from a couple of exercises she showed me that was it ... you can try rolling up 3 hand towels and place one under each thigh before sitting and the 3rd in small of your back ... keep up pelvic floor exercises and try and delegate the vacuuming and household chores that put your pelvis out of alignment ... you have my full sympathy!!

Cisforcat Thu 08-Jan-15 13:32:27

Def sounds like SPD. I got referred early in this pregnancy as I had it with my last and I've been going for one to one physio. It's helping me manage so def mention it. I rung my MW and she did an immediate referral and I got an app ( one to one) 2 days later.

It's horrid and I send my sympathies but def try to get what help you can. Not going to hurt asking and as said- unfortunately it won't get any better , only worse so good luck and hope you can find a way to manage.

bahfinghumbug Thu 08-Jan-15 15:12:45

Thanks , I'll try and chase my Midwife up see if I can see her sooner

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