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Scared history is going to repeat itself

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IWantMyPinkShirtBack Wed 07-Jan-15 21:38:49

On the 6th of January last year I found out I was pregnant, had a week of cramping and bleeding and miscarried on the 12/1/14.
Did a test yesterday and got a bfp but now the period type cramps have started I'm convinced I'm going to miscarry again. I'm freaking myself out with it been an exact year between the bfp's.
Should say the pregnancy I miscarried ended earlier than what I am now but just hoping I can get through the next two weeks till midwife appointment.

Lime8 Wed 07-Jan-15 22:06:07

If it's any help to you I had early cramping too. Went on to have a healthy pregnancy. I had an early scan though at epu to check all was ok. It was a little dot at that stage but I could see it beating! Could you get an early scan? Cramping can just be stretching etc. fingers crossed it's just stretching and body doing it's thing ready for growing baby.

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