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Massive work dilemma - help!

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MissTwister Wed 07-Jan-15 19:16:31

So I have got myself into a tricky situation at work. I am making an internal move in 2 weeks to a role that's been created for me. All well and good except it took ages to develop and during that time I got pregnant.

Yesterday I have a meeting and I am told its now being made into a bigger 'thing' as part of a team restructure. It seems its to be a higher profile role which they want to make a company announcement on in a week or so. Normally this would be great - but they don't know I am now pregnant because I am only 10 weeks and I don't have my all clear scan till the 22nd Jan. After the announcement and restructure.

So do I tell them before they make the big announcement and restructure even though I haven't got the all clear? If I don't tell them they will clearly be very annoyed but my mum's advice is not to as she thinks this puts me in a precarious position with regards to being made redundant in the restructure.

Staying in old position is not an option either as the role has been filled. I want to be fair but can't risk losing my job. What do you think is right to do?

ViolettaBridgettettette Wed 07-Jan-15 19:18:01

Legally you don't have to tell

Would they treat you any different if they knew

SilverStars Wed 07-Jan-15 19:21:53

Personally I would not tell work until had NHS scan at 12 weeks and know all is well with pregnancy ( say I after sadly devastating and unexpected news after scan and testing results back).

Greywackejones Wed 07-Jan-15 19:23:01

You are under no legal obligation to tell them.

Knowing should actually not make a jot of difference to the role. What it might make is a large blot on what you want (in the future) and it's that which is worrying you.

For now it makes zero difference. You work the role, you make the role. It might give you more flexibility in the long run than less both in type of work, pay, hours and career profile. It isn't a negative.


alovelycuppatea Wed 07-Jan-15 19:24:15

Assuming you plan to return after the baby, dont tell them. Don't even give them the slightest excuse! You can tell them once you feel comfortable and are in your new role....and even sell it to them with a positive great they are going to look for promoting pregnant women into senior positions! Tell them it would be great publicity for them smile. Good luck and don't feel bad. You clearly earned it.

Newmom2b Wed 07-Jan-15 19:24:54

Do what feels right for you, not them. And if you don't really want to tell work before your 12 week then don't feel pressurised in to it. I was made redundant just before I found out I was pregnant and started a new job at 8 weeks pregnant. I felt awful about it but didn't tell them u til I was 25 weeks (and this is my second pregnany!) and they were lovely. Good luck whatever you do and congrats on the amazing role! X

Zahrah5 Wed 07-Jan-15 19:26:29

I would wait as long as possible to tell them. Not even at 12 weeks. Let them restructure and deal with it later.

ladyflower23 Wed 07-Jan-15 19:27:04

Perhaps if you could afford one you could pay for a private scan before the announcement?

applecore0317 Wed 07-Jan-15 19:33:52

I wouldn't tell them, some people don't even find out they are pregnant until much later anyway, they don't need to know how long you have known

MissTwister Wed 07-Jan-15 19:34:07

Thanks for all your answers!

You are right I am scared about taking on a challenging role when pregnant, but the role itself is a new area I really want to get in to.

In terms of scans I actually have one later this week but I won't have the nuchal / harmony test results until a couple of weeks later.

To be honest my main concern is being pushed out or sidelined before I start the role if I tell them. However I am not basing this on previous behaviour and really its quite a fair company. But can I risk it? Especially with my mortgage!!

TheScenicRoute Wed 07-Jan-15 19:39:17

Don't tell them, pregnancy should have absolutely no baring on thier decision at all. X

Annbag Wed 07-Jan-15 19:40:10

As soon as you tell them the anti discrimation laws kick in so...
If you think you'd be getting a better job in the restructure don't tell them yet (a lot of women wait until the 12 week scan, some 20 weeks)
If you think they might make you redundant tell them then you get protection - I was accidentally in this situation at my work - pregnant then restructure was announced - and was one of few to be kept on.

MissTwister Thu 08-Jan-15 19:36:33

Thanks all for your input. Seems the consensus is to not tell them yet which is what I am going to do!

sleepybee Thu 08-Jan-15 22:16:59

In my work maternity policy it states you should tell your boss by the 15th week also the Matb1 form needs to with your HR dept by a certain point or it may affect your mat pay. Read your maternity policy & good luck in new role smile

poocatcherchampion Thu 08-Jan-15 22:19:52

I think the law is 15th week before edd - which is week 25 approx. Just so nobody is misinformed. Nobody's policy can ask for earlier than that.

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