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NewBabyMama Wed 07-Jan-15 18:34:59

Hi. We are expecting a dd in April. What not so obvious things do you need?

Im not talking nappies , clothes and a cot here. I mean stuff you wouldnt instantly think of. Any ideas?

I want to be prepared.

Firstimemummy15 Wed 07-Jan-15 18:52:33

I may have gone a bit crazy with what I've got but I purchased:changing bag, bottles (want to breast feed but just incase), baby monitor, nappy bin, activity mat, baby bouncer, lots and lots of muslin squares, cot mobile, storage baskets for nappies, wipes etc - I have one for the nursery, one for the lounge and then a bath time one (very anal I know!!), pram, car seat, carry cot, and adapters you may need for the pram/ car seat. I'm also doing lots of batch cooking for the freezer so for the first few weeks of baby arrivals I can just take meals out day by day and not have to worry about that. I hope this is the sort of thing you meant - although everyone is different and some people will be oh I didn't use a nappy bin or I didn't use that, think it's all just trial and error and see what works for you. Oh nursery furniture too!

sleepybee Wed 07-Jan-15 19:07:36

Thermometer, bath & room thermometer, breast & maternity pads

NewBabyMama Wed 07-Jan-15 19:10:10


Thankyou. Very helpful. grin

When is your little one due? wink smile

My dd is due on April 6th , we are probably calling her Agnetha (my dh is Swedish) but we dont know until we see her face grin

Babies really are miriacles.

ArchangelGallic Wed 07-Jan-15 19:13:56

This is so much easier than a baby bath.

NewBabyMama Wed 07-Jan-15 19:14:51


and thanks too sleepybee. you posted at the same time I posted my reply to Firsttimemummy15

NewBabyMama Wed 07-Jan-15 19:18:27


I ordered it wink

Firstimemummy15 Wed 07-Jan-15 22:05:37

I'm 38 +1 today! So excited, everything is set so just playing the waiting game! Lol ah what a lovely name. We haven't found out the sex so lots of neutral bits at the moment with a Winnie a The Pooh theme! It's truly magical what our bodies can do isn't it!

I started by buying a few bits each month so wasn't such a shock getting it all in one go - specially nursery furniture, pram etc which are pricey! Everyone said to me how slow pregnancy goes but I would beg to differ and your April date will be here before you know it �� x

TheScenicRoute Wed 07-Jan-15 22:20:32

I've just ordered it as well.

ch1134 Wed 07-Jan-15 22:21:11

Low light lamp for night feeds.
Bath support.
Breastfeeding clothes that don't make you feel too frumpy.
Cheap, stretchy bras from Peacocks to sleep in.

brererabbit Thu 08-Jan-15 14:12:28

If you're wanting to breastfeed the thermo nippleshields/pads are a godsend. I think they are avent ones?

If you are formula feeding, or will be at some point can I suggest a clevascoop? have a look on kiddicare. You will thank me when they are guzzling 9oz bottles and everytime you count to about 4 or 5 scoops the baby brain takes over. Ingenius! !

goldencrowns Thu 08-Jan-15 14:15:02

A good quality mattress protector for your own bed (in case of waters breaking, lochia, baby posset and nappy leaks) - and more than one if you end up cosleeping! smile

goldencrowns Thu 08-Jan-15 14:17:21

Should have said - good quality waterproof mattress protector grin

The single most necessary thing I bought (and I bought two). Had a possety baby - first rule of the mattress protector - wash one immediately it comes off the bed - the night we had to change it three times and put a previous sicky one back on was not a good night grin

Pisghetti Thu 08-Jan-15 14:26:29

Not so much a baby product but I read a tip on here recently about smothering the baby's bottom with Vaseline soon after they're born so the first poo, which is tar-like, just wipes off easily. Genius! Someone else also recommended coconut oil (if you're not keen on using petroleum based products) for the same purpose.

I saw a link to star baby wraps: these :the other day and I'm in love!

goldencrowns Thu 08-Jan-15 14:33:37

Pisghetti - yes, you can get those round mini tins of Vaseline which are ideal for taking into hospital (don't take a big pot - trust me, you won't want to use it again after you've put meconium fingers in it grin)

Some more tips from me:
-disposable change mats - pampers do some and you can get cheaper ones from the pound shop - they might seem expensive but they are worth their weight in gold for changing on the go, putting in car seats/buggies/prams, nappy-free time on baby gym, and my own personal tip, put one down under a baby towel when you take baby out of the bath and eg. lay them on your bed - I had quite a few times when I got weed on after a bath until I worked this one out grin If you pop one into a carrycot you can change baby in the pram outside in summer rather than finding a baby change loo or similar.

-- don't bother with outfits: just keep two boxes of vests and babygros to hand to grab.

--double up changing mat and changing stuff downstairs so you aren't always taking baby up and down.

JuniperTisane Thu 08-Jan-15 14:40:20

Get yourself a thermal mug. When all else fails, when baby won't sleep, when you're on your 3rd 4th 5th night waking, when nothing else is right, a hot cup of coffee is a lifesaver.

minipie Thu 08-Jan-15 14:45:55

Less obvious things I found really useful:

- Snot sucker for their nose (though you might be ok with an April baby). I had the Nosefrida, tis great

- Storage - for the nursery (for nappies, wipes etc) and for the living room (for the toys, though these mostly come later)

- Sports bottle - it's easier to drink from a sports bottle while BFing than from a glass.

- Breastfeeding pillow.

- One of these so much easier to get your baby into this than a pram suit, and lasts longer too as it fits lots of ages/sizes

- Soft cotton night time bras to put the breast pads in

- Buggy clip, to keep bag from slipping off

- Snoozeshade for the buggy (because I had a sleep fighting baby!)

magpieginglebells Thu 08-Jan-15 14:49:12

I found the room thermometer (grow egg), bath support, muslins (especially the huge ones), lots of Moses basket sheets and breast pads, nipple shells and nipple shields were the most useful things for me.

TheBookofRuth Thu 08-Jan-15 15:12:07

Not for the baby but for you:
- a warm, waterproof coat with a hood (virtually impossible to push a pram and hold a brolly over you).
- a thermal cup with a lid if you ever want to have a hot drink again.
- something you can read one-handed for when you get stuck on long feeds or trapped under a sleeping baby. I find my iPhone is ideal.

For baby:
- a nappy wallet instead of a full style changing bag, so you can just shove it in your normal bag or under the pram and go.
- Burt's Bees baby wash. Because it makes them smell like cake!

IdaClair Thu 08-Jan-15 15:24:24

I've never used a baby bath, a pram or pushchair, nor specific breastfeeding clothes, nipple cream or anything nipply, a changing mat other than the ones in cafés etc, never had nursery furniture etc etc - point is everyone will have a different list, every baby has different needs and preferences, every parent a different way of doing things so the thing you really need is......

Amazon prime.

knittingirl Thu 08-Jan-15 16:32:39

For you: big pants for post birth, and comfy clothes (joggers etc) for the first couple of weeks while your body adjusts. A mountain of maternity pads and breast pads. If you really want to invest in something for yourself, get a kindle or other e-reader - it's been a godsend to me as you can read one handed whilst feeding baby (I have one with a backlight so can read one handed in the dark - I have read so many books since ds was born). Work out how to get subtitles on the TV, so that when the little one is sleeping on you and won't let you put them down, you can at least still watch TV smile

For baby: go easy, and see what you need after they arrive. It totally depends on your parenting style, your house etc as to what you need or will want when the sprog is here. As long as you have some vests and babygros, nappies and wipes, a blanket or two, a car seat and somewhere for them to sleep, you'll be fine to start with.

TheBookofRuth Thu 08-Jan-15 16:33:43

I think IdaClair's is the best answer I've seen to this sort of thread!

gincamelbak Thu 08-Jan-15 17:41:53

I had somewhere to put the baby safely on eac level of the house. So downstairs was the carrycot on the pram, upstairs (eg for when I had shower or out clothes away) a bouncy chair, attic bedroom the Moses basket. It meant I didn't have to carry baby + somewhere to put her.

I was a bit worried about her rolling off under beds or whatever. So maybe not essential but it kept me happy...

Tallblue Fri 09-Jan-15 08:17:01

Have a look at Cheeky Wipes (Google it)- amazing for cleaning up poonamis and my baby has never had any kind of nappy rash.
Bouncer chair is a must have, along with huge supplies of muslin cloths and bibs.
Plenty of all in one sleep suits and vests, proper outfits/dresses/trousers and shirts etc are a pita to get on and off, the baby is generally uncomfortable and harder to handle e.g. T shirts ride up at the back. We received lots of 'proper' outfits as gifts and DD has worn each thing only once for a photograph to send to the gift giver, otherwise she loves just being in an all in one cotton babygro.
Our best buy was a Sleepyhead - DD has almost grown out of the first size so we have just ordered the next size. If you value sleep, this is expensive but an excellent investment!

NewBabyMama Sun 11-Jan-15 14:23:10


Ordered some cheekywipes. Whats a poonami?

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