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I'd like to get DH something - any suggestions?

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Ohfourfoxache Wed 07-Jan-15 17:46:24

Ok, I know I've been growing his baby and I've still got labour to get through, but DH has truly been fantastic over the last few months. He's truly the best man I've ever known anyway, but he's taken care of me at every step, done all the housework, cooking, cleaning - everything. I've had a pretty shit time so far and struggle to make it downstairs let alone anywhere else, so literally everything has been on his shoulders.

I'd really like to get him something to "mark" the arrival of dc1. I'd like to get him something special that he can keep and use (has to have a use!). He doesn't do watches or hip flasks or anything like that. No to cuff links/tie pins. He loves track days but he does these fairly regularly so that wouldn't be "something special". I don't want to get anything "consumable" - aftershave etc - as this will inevitably run out eventually.

Has anyone got any ideas? Pretty please? grin

m33r Wed 07-Jan-15 17:51:14

Watching with interest as am thinking the same...

Want to leave gift in the house so that I can tell him where it is when he leaves the hospital and he has it to come home to ...

For ournwedding I got a wedding picture of his parents' wedding (both passed away) put on to dog tags (Argos) which he keeps in his wallet now - something like that??

catnip85 Wed 07-Jan-15 17:57:34

Try they have some really lovely personalised gifts for new dads. Got my eye on a few for fathers day already grin

leanne963 Wed 07-Jan-15 17:58:37

OhFour It is so nice to hear this, cause i feel the same way about my partner, he will drop everything for me if i need want something from the shop lol! I don't want to brag on here though as i know some women have less than supportive partners/husbands!! I want to get him something too!! Just a 'Thank you for being so bloody amazing'.....

I am not as creative as him though, so if i make something i worry it will be rubbish. He is a graphic designer so every year he makes my Valentines and Bday card and they are always hilarious...hmmmm i need ideas lol

Teeste Wed 07-Jan-15 18:08:02

Have something engraved, like a champagne glass or plectrum or photo frame or something, depending on DH's tastes? I also saw engravable wallets on notonthehighstreet - you can have a little message lasered or printed on the inside, that could work.

mrswardle2014 Wed 07-Jan-15 19:15:44

I've seen a lovely willow tree figurine of a father holding a new baby, think I might get that for my dh.

RL20 Thu 08-Jan-15 04:59:52

What a lovely idea. Also as you probably agree, a hard one too as you want him to have the gift as soon as you return from hospital so anything with a photo of baby on is out of the question.
I'll keep thinking for you though and if I do come across any ideas I'll let you know!
For Christmas instead of giving my partner a Christmas card I wrote him out a thank you card just saying thank you for everything he does for me/us!
Must be our hormones making us go all soppy....

RL20 Thu 08-Jan-15 05:00:30

Also I like the idea of the figurine!

PotteringAlong Thu 08-Jan-15 05:06:01

When our first DC was born I got DH a book called "my dad" off amazon and told him where to find it when he got home from the hospital. He still reads it to all our children now.

PotteringAlong Thu 08-Jan-15 05:06:51

It was this one!

duckbilled Thu 08-Jan-15 10:12:33

I bought my dh a watch when DD was born and wrote on the card that it was to remind him of the time that our lives changed forever.

Ohfourfoxache Thu 08-Jan-15 15:30:33

Thanks for all your suggestions - and thanks for not flaming me blush I was a bit worried that I'd get responses saying "why on earth would you get him anything". I may have been spending a bit too much time on AIBU!

The book is fabulous - I've ordered this and will get something else as well I think - some lovely, touching ideas. Can just imagine him snuggled up reading to his son/daughter! Can't wait!

ThinkIveBeenHacked Thu 08-Jan-15 15:34:08

what about something like this togo woth the book?

AnythingNotEverything Thu 08-Jan-15 15:39:03

Love this idea! DH was ace when I was pregnant with DD, waited on me hand and foot while I sat bfing her and now I'm pregnant again he's doing extra night wakings and generally being awesome.

This is our final baby so would love to get him something ... Will check out NOTHS as a starter for ten.

GingerbreadPudding Thu 08-Jan-15 15:39:31

I got my husband a tshirt from 'not on the high street' which has Ctrlc one one side and his name on the back and then s baby tshirt with Ctrl p on the front and her name on the back . He's a computer geek.

There are lots on there like 'chief mechanic' and 'little helper' etc

I'm going to give it to him when we are in hospital grin

ByTheWishingWell Thu 08-Jan-15 16:27:52

I think it's a lovely idea. I got DP a book called 'Daddy Kisses' for him to read to DD. She's 16 months and now chooses it from the bookshelf and takes it to him. smile If you want something a bit more personal to them, with baby's name or photo, you could get him something special for his first Father's Day.

Seasidedolly Thu 08-Jan-15 16:30:44

It's only something small (and more for baby than dad!) But I got my husband a babygrow with a rhyme from the baby written on it, had it personalised and it comes in a vintage airmail style box/ package that says "message for daddy sent from mummy's tummy" and you can use your scan pic as the stamp on the box smile it was by Read My Rhyme on NOTHS.
Maybe a good idea if you're getting the book, you could make a little hamper with his favourite beer/ drink for wetting the baby's head too

m33r Thu 08-Jan-15 17:06:26

duck I may be an emotional pregnant lady but I had a little cry at your watch comment! blush

LancashireTea Thu 08-Jan-15 17:58:53

I got my OH a 'king of daddies' mug for xmas, but I love love love the ctrl c and p tops. My OH's a code monkey so would be v fitting for when our lo arrives in a few weeks.

croon979 Thu 08-Jan-15 18:44:55

Loving this thread. It has made me think about my lovely DH and he wonderful he has been so far. Will definitely also be getting him some special treats. Love some of the ideas on here smile

duckbilled Thu 08-Jan-15 18:55:13

m33r I don't think he will mind me saying but he cried when he read it! smile

Ohfourfoxache Fri 09-Jan-15 03:43:15

Oh duck that's so sweet!

Heck, I forgot about Father's Day blush - but by that time we should have plenty of pictures etc that I obviously won't have by the time LO arrives!

missingpinotgrigio Fri 09-Jan-15 07:17:08

For christmas I got my DH a small gift from bump that I found on ebay. It was a small organza bag with a lovely note attached to it explaining the contents. The note said the following

To My Daddy
A Novelty Keepsake Survival Kit

Heart For all the Love I promise to give you
Candle Our future will be Bright
Jigsaw Piece You will always be a special part of Me
Tissue To dry My tears
Battery Just in case you run out of energy
Cotton Wool To plug your ears at night!
Crayon To help colour My future
Extra Eye To help you keep a look out for Me
Peg For My smelly nappy changes
Marble Just in case you lose one
Plaster To make things better
Penny To go towards our days out together
Paper Clip To keep Us close together
Safety Pin To help keep Me safe
Tea Bag Take time to Chill Out
Superman Because you will always be My Hero
Balloon For all the Fun we will soon have together

He was over the moon with this and carted it around with him to show everyone!

Firstimemummy15 Fri 16-Jan-15 01:02:05

Potteringaong - thank you for the link for that book. I've ordered and had it delivered and it made me cry reading it!! Lol I've also got my partner a coffee maker, he has wanted one for ages and thought it may come in handy when he goes bk to work and the alarm is going of at 4.30am that u can set the machine to start brewing a coffee! Was going to put on a card with it. Something along the lines of, I'm not going to be a great sleeper straight away daddy and will need lots if feeds and cuddles during the night so fingers crossed a coffee will help you through ur day until you come home for more cuddles - need to work on that I know!!

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