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Don't feel enthusiastic and baby's almost due :(

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Mexicantortilla Tue 06-Jan-15 23:34:49

I'm 32+5 and had hospital appointment today. Had a scan which I cool don't make anything out on. Saw consultant and he said to come back in 4 weeks and they would give me date for CS which he said would be done at 38 or 39 weeks. It's a week or so earlier than I thought bit if it's at 38weeks ish then it will drop nicely for 1/2 term. I just don't feel any enthusiasm or excitement, we have 3 DD and this is a boy. I just feel unprepared for baby's arrival. I'm still working and planned to until end of Jan as we have builders to pay etc, we are trying to get phase 1 of the build complete by the time baby comes bit I don't think it will be. How can I feel better?? Any suggestions welcome.

dorasee Tue 06-Jan-15 23:44:42

Hugs to you. flowers No advice really other than I am certain you will fall in love with your baby once he's here. You've got a lot of stress in your life, so naturally you're not in the "I'm loving this!" place. Pregnancy combined with builders and work, well of course you're not totally excited...yet. Plus you've got your other little ones to look after. I was like this a bit with DCs 2 & 3...not prepared, had too much going on, etc. But after having my DC3 who is now 7 months ( and I still get no sleep) I would LOVE to have number 4. That won't happen! But all of my broodiness kicked in after the delivery.

Look after yourself and try not to worry too much. The love is totally there. smile

chillybits Tue 06-Jan-15 23:45:06

perhaps its because you subconsciously (and consciously) now what's coming, sleepless nights, another little person to look after and worry about. I would imagine you are very tired at this point and really just want everyone to go away!

Do you get much time on your own? If not can that be arranged, not time to do stuff but to properly switch off and recharge.

Mexicantortilla Tue 06-Jan-15 23:49:08

Thanks both x
Chilly - no not really, can't switch my brain off!! But I think you're right, I do know what's coming sad

Mexicantortilla Tue 06-Jan-15 23:58:56

The house is bloody awful, we've been in 18months and just finally got all the planning permissions we need, build is in 3 phases, house is phase 2 so we can't even start it till I go back to work, only got 3 bedrooms and one of them is storage! I can't use the kitchen - it's and crockery on bookcases in lounge and hall! I know it will be great when it's done but having moved from a big house we've just got stuff stored everywhere. I don't want midwife to come. If HV wants to pay a visit they can FOff! That's just how I feel.

chillybits Tue 06-Jan-15 23:59:33

Well my first suggestion would be rest but you know that already.

How about a bit of sensory stuff, a long bath and just remember some of the lovely things about babies...(I had to do this with DC3 as was unplanned and I was quite depressed early on in pregnancy)...the smell of their heads, the crumpled forehead as they wake or move in their sleep, the softest thinnest skin a newborn's back, babies breath. I'm probably just sounding odd now (especially about the back thing!). Am not at all broody but those things can conjure up some feeling.

chillybits Wed 07-Jan-15 00:00:20

Oh good God no wonder you're not excited!

Mexicantortilla Wed 07-Jan-15 00:06:35

We haven't got a bath, just a shower that's been in since the 80's! Probably last time place was touched! It's flaming cold, in the middle of nowhere on top of a hill surrounded by open farmland, no neighbours. I do live it really but it's a long expensive slog, I don't really mind and usually just get on with things, I think it's just getting a bit much with a baby on the way. I just can't feel any happiness even trying to remember like you said.

dorasee Wed 07-Jan-15 08:34:38

My life, you poor thing. I wouldn't worry about not being excited about the pregnancy. You've every reason to feel fed up. You're living under substandard conditions and it would be tough without a baby on the way. My DH wanted to rip the house apart and commit to a year long project and I nearly throttled him. We bought our current house a year and a half ago and had the builders/plumbers in for 3 months and it really got to me during my pregnancy. Loads of sympathy!! When do you anticipate it will all be relatively ship shape?

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