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Serena14 Tue 06-Jan-15 21:39:46

I'm not a single mum but my partner is in the navy so I take care of my son alone, I have no family support and I've just found out we are expecting again. My partner is really calm about the whole thing but I am terrified. My son is 9 months now so will be about 15 months when the baby arrives. Has anyone dealt with two children of this age alone and honestly how hard is it? I feel it will be impossible and although I do want the baby I haven't had time to be excited as I've spent the whole time worrying and feeling guilty because I don't want my son to feel he is losing out on my attention. Any advice will be much appreciated.

4hayters Tue 06-Jan-15 22:30:48

Hello and congratulations. I had 18 months between my first 2. In my experience, my eldest didn't really miss out and was very involved with the baby from the minute he was born. Passed me nappies and helped bath etc. They don't seem to feel like they miss out as it's all they really remember. I do have a partner who is at home but works away a lot, never knew what time he'd be back. It is hard, but be gentle to yourself. Don't expect too much especially in the early days. Don't plan lots. It was crazy times but it passed. It couldn't have been too bad as when my eldest was 3.5 I had number 3wink. My eldest is now 7 and I'm pregnant with number 4 now. Mine are brilliant friends and stick up for each other and I do think that the close age gap is why. Good luck x

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