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Big baby, possibilty of being induced early?

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bambi07 Tue 06-Jan-15 17:24:45

Hi all,
Just a quick question, I have had 2 growth scans from 28 weeks and am now 32 and baby has always been on the big side but the most recent scan showed measurements 4 weeks ahead. The measurements were showing 36.4 days.
The consultant mentioned that if the measurements were equally advanced next time that there is a possibility that I will be induced early. I wondered how common this is and what the chances are that they are wrong? Was hoping for a nice natural home birth and I feel it slipping through my fingers. xxx

Tactleneck Tue 06-Jan-15 17:32:22

I was under the impression they don't advise induction for a larger baby as it doesn't improve outcomes but it puts you at higher risk of intervention.
My now 9mth old Dc3 was 10lb4oz and she came out with just g&a and no tearing or problems. I was induced with her too but only because I was very overdue. She measured big throughout but consultant was very anti induction for that reason.
Take it one week at a time with the home birth plans and be open to change.

bambi07 Tue 06-Jan-15 17:39:29

Thank you, I was under the impression that they dont advise induction too, so was quite surprised and thought maybe there was some other reason but probably just over-thinking/worrying. xxx

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