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Changing Dr surgery

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Redsparklyshoes Tue 06-Jan-15 13:51:23

I have been putting it off but now I've realised I'm pregnant with my first it's probably a good time to move surgeries to one closer to home. I have my first midwife appointment at current surgery in a few weeks time but do you think best I cancel this and move to new surgery now? Thanks in advance. 6 weeks pg so far!

TheScenicRoute Tue 06-Jan-15 20:21:20

I changed at 29 weeks which was a pain, and wondered why I didn't do it months earlier. The earlier the better. X

LittleMiss77 Wed 07-Jan-15 08:27:45

i had my booking appointment at one surgery, then changed as i had moved out of the practice area. As it turns out, my new Dr's is further away from my new house than the old surgery was, but its covered by the same midwife!

At my booking appointment i asked the midwife to send my scan appointment to my new home address, which wasn't a problem and as soon as i had that appointment through (the letter arrived the following week) i then changed surgeries.

I found the process to be very quick and simple - it took a week from registering to be able to book an appointment. However i guess this may differ from surgery to surgery and i may have just been lucky

Gudgyx Wed 07-Jan-15 10:45:12

I'm having a nightmare with this right now sad I moved house around 18 weeks pregnant, out of catchment area. I told the midwife, but because its a high risk consultant led pregnancy and section has already been agreed, she told me not to tell the GP surgery straight away, and hang off as long as I could as it would cause too much hassle to change.

Typically, GPs surgery found out just before xmas, when I was 30 weeks. They kicked me off their books, so I'm left with no GP right now. Midwife has told me that when she gets the request from my new surgery she will have to transfer care over, meaning a new consultant etc. I have appointment with pratice nurse tomorrow at new surgery for registering, and my next consultant app with old surgery next Friday. She told me new consultant wont override anything old consultant said re section etc but I'm panicking anyway. I'm going to ask practice nurse tomorrow to put my file to the bottom of her pile so I can get next consultant app with my old surgery first, and get section officially booked.

Wish I'd just changed right at the start sad

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