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Leaky nipples anyone?!

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ots Mon 05-Jan-15 22:51:48

I'm currently 18+2 with DC2. Last night when getting undressed I noticed beads of moisture on both my nipples. I wiped clean and when I gently squeezed, more came out. Its not milky colored like I remember colostrum to be, but is clear and quite sticky.

No more came out overnight or at all today. Anything to worry about?

WhyOWhyWouldYou Mon 05-Jan-15 23:51:46

Normal. Its milk but in pregnancy it can range from a clear liquid to the deep golden colostrum colour. So don't be suprised if you get more or if its colour varies.

ToTheMoonAndStars Mon 05-Jan-15 23:53:57

Yep I had this from 20 weeks and wore pads from 30 weeks

Now my DS is here I have a v impressive milk supply... My body obviously likes making it!

mum2benicole Tue 06-Jan-15 08:23:10

Minequalities started early at 16 weeks with my 1st im 21wks with 2nd and it started at 17 wks my breasts have grown over the past few weeks there like melons had to buy new bras as an emergency hehe time to get the water proofs out on the bed I had a over active milk flow 1st time round having to change the bed and my self and partner 5 times a night, praying it wont be that bad this time wasn't very nice
Good luck all xxx

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