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Think I've got a touch of SPD, 28wk midwife app next week, wait or call Dr tomorrow?

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Seasidedolly Mon 05-Jan-15 19:47:36

Hi all
I'm 27 weeks and suffer on and off from pelvic pain, though in the last two weeks or so I seem to suffer more often, though some days I'm pain free but still moving quite slowly!
I think I have mild SPD (I say mild because a pg friend is 31 weeks and she can't drive and has to walk with a stick, I'm definitely suffering much less than her).
My question is should I ring the Dr tomorrow or wait a week for my 28 week midwife app and speak to them? Above mentioned friend was diagnosed by her midwife about 6 weeks ago and is still waiting for her first physio session.

Thanks all smile

ColdCottage Mon 05-Jan-15 19:52:18

I'd just call your midwife. Not a lot they can do but give advice. They should be able to tell you over the phone.

Hope it passes

gargalesis Mon 05-Jan-15 22:25:58

This happened to me last week. I went to see my GP and he was useless. He said there was an 18 week appointment to see a physio. So I called my midwife and she referred me to a physio - I got a letter the following day asking me to call up for an appointment. I called up this morning and made an appointment for a group session tomorrow. I'm pretty lucky, but I'm glad I went to my midwife rather than left it with the GP.

Good luck.

blackwidow74 Mon 05-Jan-15 22:40:48

I was given the number for a physio self referral at the maternity hospital ... was told I needed crutches for when out and about as standing in queues and walking too much aggravates my spd and also a pelvis belt ... The hospital no longer give these items but you can buy the belts at Boots and online ... try one and see if that eases your pain ... spd only gets worse as you go on ... I've had it from 18 weeks this pregnancy and just coming up to 25 weeks it's agony to move in bed, to get in/out car and gets worse if I spend too long standing up/walking/hoovering through house etc ... have chat with midwife but my advice is to support your pelvis earlier rather than waiting till its really bad

Pisghetti Tue 06-Jan-15 11:19:25

My GP said there was nothing I could do, my midwife said there was nothing she could do but to self refer to the physio if I felt I needed to. Turns out the physio service run a 'PGP Clinic' which is basically an advice session but it also gets you in the system. Now I've been to that, I can go back to ask for one to one support or crutches without any further referral. I've been given some exercises to try which I'll start doing to see if it helps.

Mine has been fairly sporadic and seemed to improve over Christmas however it's been pretty consistently bad since I started back at work. I'm using a support belt which helps but it seems to delay the point in the day at which things get bad rather than preventing a flare up altogether.

missingpinotgrigio Tue 06-Jan-15 17:30:00

My midwife referred me and I heard from the physio after a day or so. I had my appointment today, was really helpful! I'm not suffering as much as other ladies there but it was helpful learning how to sit, how to lay in bed, how to get in and out of bed etc. She also showed us how to use a gym ball to help relieve pain too! I'm 34 weeks and wish I'd gone sooner!!

TeaandHobnobs Tue 06-Jan-15 18:04:30

In my first pregnancy, I was referred by my MW at my 28 week appointment, and didn't get an appointment with physio until 31+6... but DS was born at 31+5 grin so that wasn't much use!

This time I asked for a referral at my 16 week appointment, as my symptoms were already bad at that relatively early point. I saw the physio pretty quickly after that (new Trust, and much less busy area I think), but interestingly she emphasised the importance of strengthening the muscles to support the pelvis, rather than relying on support belts etc. I started pregnancy pilates soon after, and it has been a godsend - it has definitely prevented the PGP getting worse than I know it otherwise would have done. Just had 2 - 3 weeks off over Christmas, and it is really showing! <ow>

The main things are not doing activities which aggravate it (keeping knees/legs together, not standing on one leg, not carrying older children on your hip) and strengthening your pelvic floor and core muscles to help keep everything together.

To actually answer your question blush I'd call your MW if you are really concerned right now, but I would wait for next week's appointment.

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