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been referred for consultant appointment @ 31 weeks

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louay1 Mon 05-Jan-15 17:14:29

hi all am new here but was wondering if anyone could offer me any advice. basically went to see midwife earlier than i should have done this week should be seeing her until 34 weeks but i have basically had a constant pain in my upper right ribs and back its everyday without fail and never on the left hand side. paracetamol hasn't been helping so waned to know if there was anything else that i could take to try and relieve the pain i had just put it down to how baby was led or something like that. after completing all the normal checks bp/urine etc she said that i had protein in my urine but that could be from a uti so has sent it off for checking but has also referred me to see a consultant on friday. should i be worried about this about this appointment never had to see a consultant before with this pregnancy or any of my others. what should i expect from the appointment

Eatscones Mon 05-Jan-15 21:34:24

I don't know if it'll be much help but I was low risk with my dc2. At around 34 weeks they found some protein in my urine. They sent it off but nothing more came of it and my levels were fine later on. My first pregnancy I was on the red path -consultant led, and for me they didn't do much. The midwives did their usual stuff, the consultant came in at the end and basically confirmed what was written by the mw and was gone again in about 2 mins. That was my experience with all my consultant appointments. To be fair all was normal and at week 40 they put me back to mw led.

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